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Site Archives
Ever since V Planet was launched in September of 1999, QuickBasic programmers and hobbyists from North America, Europe, and around the world have done their share of interesting projects and coding breakthroughs. V Planet has tried very hard to be there every step of the way, covering new QB games whereever they needed the limelight and uncovering the developers and tools that make such projects responsible.

In order to help fully appreciate the efforts of these programmers, the V Planet Site Archives brings all the news articles V Planet has covered to your doorstep. Over fifty QB articles are at your disposal, and the amount of reading material for you to enjoy will increase as our archive continues to grow! So, read along. Amaze your friends with your QB wisdom. Simply click on the articles you want to read and you'll be sitting here for hours.

To help you sift through the Site Archives page a little faster, you can click on one of the links shown below:

Present-July 2003 Articles
June-January 2003 Articles
December 2002-May 2002 Articles
October 2001-July 2001 Articles
June 2001-January 2001 Articles
December 2000-July 2000 Articles
June 2000-January 2000 Articles
October 1999-December 1999 Articles

Present-July 2003 Articles (Sorted By Date)
June 2004 Article Title   
6/7/2004 V Planet Launches New Staff E-Mail Address QB Article
6/4/2004 Hypermart Pulls Plug On QB Sites QB Article
April 2004 Article Title  
4/23/2004 QB Battle Arena: v.1f Beta Publically Released QB Article
4/23/2004 V Planet Staff Goes On Acid QB Article
March 2004 Article Title  
3/26/2004 Getting Ready to Pass the Torch Editorial
November 2003 Article Title  
11/26/2003 QB Gaming Sites On the Move QB Article
11/20/2003 Talk About Your Fixer-Uppers Editorial
July 2003 Article Title  
7/11/2003 V Planet Launches 2003 QB Expo! Special
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June-January 2003 Articles (Sorted By Date)
June 2003 Article Title  
6/8/2003 Videogame Violence Law Poses Questions QB Article
6/7/2003 First V Planet Mailing List Members Restored QB Article
6/4/2003 Frantic Journey: Hands-on Impressions QB Article
6/1/2003 The Battle of the Bulge Editorial
June 2003 Article Title  
4/30/2003 Big QB Characters Show Up in Cobra QB Article
4/29/2003 QBRPG Scene Site Becomes InnerMark QB Article
4/23/2003 ChessMaster's Journal: The Rook Contest
March 2003 Article Title  
3/26/2003 2003 Mini-Game "AI" Competition Announced! Contest
3/12/2003 Moves to QB Article
3/9/2003 Decision Reached on Six-Point Verdict QB Article
February 2003 Article Title  
2/25/2003 The Truth About MUX Interview
2/24/2003 LosT SocK Back in Business QB Article
2/21/2003 More Big QB Sites Enter QB Affiliatedom QB Article
2/7/2003 Piptol Moves Back to QB Article
2/7/2003 QB Battle Arena Beta Sent Out to Developers QB Article
2/3/2003 QBasicNews Gets Back to Form QB Article
2/1/2003 QB Colony Joins QB Affiliates QB Article
January 2003 Article Title  
1/17/2003 V Planet's 2003 Game Wishes! QB Article
1/9/2003 RPG Gold Compo 2003 Commences QB Article
1/7/2003 V Planet Mailing List Re-Activates QB Article
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December-May 2002 Articles (Sorted By Date)
December 2002 Article Title  
12/23/2002 Darkness Ethereal Closes Down QB Article
12/23/2002 DE "Secret Project" Revealed QB Article
12/21/2002 The Secret of Cooey 3 Phenomenon Editorial
12/17/2002 Adigun Sports Holiday-Themed QB Contest QB Article
12/9/2002 QB Goes On Fighting Game Frenzy QB Article
12/7/2002 Getting Out the Golds QB Article
12/7/2002 Bringing Fun Factor To Your Game QB Article
November 2002 Article Title  
11/12/2002 Preparing for the Armageddon: Your QB Survival Kit Editorial
11/10/2002 BlueSckR Dominates RPG-Making Competition QB Article
11/8/2002 Kids of Karendow 2, The Chapter That Could Have Been QB Article
11/7/2002 V Planet Aiming For PHP Upgrades QB Article
October 2002 Article Title  
10/23/2002 2002 QB Gaming Gold Award Winners Are Here! QB Article
10/21/2002 RPG-Making Contest Brings Old School Back to QB QB Article
10/16/2002 UGL Game Library Recommended QB Article
10/7/2002 Mockumentary: Sex, Drugs, and QBasic, The Subshock Story, Part 1 QB Article
10/1/2002 V Planet Celebrates Three Years QB Article
September 2002 Article Title  
9/30/2002 The World is Too Big for One Planet Editorial
9/25/2002 What's That Game: Gaming Gold Candidate Watch QB Article
9/23/2002 Voting for the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards Starts Now! QB Article
9/20/2002 Richard Harris Joins V Planet QB Article
9/11/2002 The World Remembers September 11th QB Article
9/10/2002 Terry Goes On to College QB Article
9/10/2002 2002 QB Gaming Gold Nominees Are Here! QB Article
9/3/2002 PureBasic Maker Speaks Out Interview
August 2002 Article Title  
8/21/2002 2002 QB Gaming Gold Mini-Game Page Launched! QB Article
8/18/2002 V Planet Reaches 100,000 Hit Mark Editorial
8/18/2002 The Future of Basic QB Article
8/13/2002 Nominations for the 2002 Gaming Gold Awards Resume QB Article
8/11/2002 The Mini-Game Compo is Over Contest
8/10/2002 One Day Left for the Mini-Game Compo! Contest
8/7/2002 New Mini-Game Competition Details Contest
8/4/2002 2002 Gaming Golds Mini Game Competition Begins! Contest
8/2/2002 Toonski Introduces the New V Planet Forum! QB Article
8/2/2002 Ped Xing Leads QBasicNews Forum Award Winners QB Article
July 2002 Article Title  
7/24/2002 2002 Gaming Golds Mini Game Competition Announced! QB Article
7/23/2002 QBasicNews and V Planet to Sponsor Gaming Awards QB Article
7/20/2002 QB Games Showcase at the RPGDX QB Article
7/16/2002 Gianfranco Back in Business QB Article
7/8/2002 The Silent Shame that is Raven Editorial
7/6/2002 Lovely Pressure Joins Affiliates QB Article
7/1/2002 Sailor Moon Puzzle Game Bug Fixed QB Article
June 2002 Article Title  
6/30/2002 Piptol Starts Up QB Worlds Webring QB Article
6/28/2002 GBGames File Archive Back Online QB Article
6/24/2002 V Planet is Back! QB Article
6/24/2002 Darkness Ethereal Expresses Life Beyond QB QB Article
6/23/2002 V Planet Staff Changes Gallore QB Article
6/23/2002 No Refuge for Game Developers QB Article
6/21/2002 Needs to Keep On Linking Editorial
6/8/2002 V Planet Backed Up and Ready to Go QB Article
6/5/2002 Former QB Programmers Break into Industry QB Article
6/5/2002 V Planet to Make QB Characters Fighting Game QB Article
May 2002 Article Title  
5/13/2002 GBGames,, and Darkness Ethereal Regroup QB Article
5/13/2002 Make MTV Happy, Vote for Legally Blonde Entertainment
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October-July 2001 Articles (Sorted By Date)
October 2001 Article Title  
10/17/2001 PickersGames Offline? QB Article
10/11/2001 First Major QBRPG Archive Disappears QB Article
10/6/2001 Happy 2nd Birthday, V Planet! QB Article
10/5/2001 V Planet Switches To "Somewhat Daily" Updates Editorial
September 2001 Article Title  
9/30/2001 V Planet Staff at Full Capacity QB Article
9/23/2001 Hamsters Cry Foul On Re-Review Policy QB Article
9/17/2001 Attack on America Puts Videogame Sites in Disarray QB Article
9/15/2001 V Planet Wins New Cyber Tech Award QB Article
9/10/2001 Labelling Your Masterpiece QB Article
9/5/2001 White and Grey Color Scheme Sticks QB Article
August 2001 Article Title  
8/29/2001 Antz Joins the V Planet Team! QB Article
8/27/2001 Affiliate List Ironed Out For August Site Report
8/26/2001 HyperRealistic Games Charges Up QB Article
8/23/2001 Dark Ages II Nears Completion Preview
8/23/2001 V Planet's New Layout in Progress! QB Article
8/17/2001 Sound Card Compatibility: The Silent Killer of QB Games? QB Article
8/8/2001 2001 QB Expo Cancelled QB Article
8/5/2001 One More Look into The Making Brothers QB Article
8/1/2001 V Planet Mailing List goes to QB Article
July 2001 Article Title  
7/26/2001 To Go To Highest Bidder QB Article
7/25/2001 SirCam Virus Hits QB Community Hard QB Article
7/22/2001 The Fine Line For Violence Editorial
7/21/2001 V Planet Needs More Reporters QB Article
7/8/2001 QB Expo Development Off to Rough Start QB Article
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June 2001-January 2001 Articles (Sorted By Date)
June 2001 Article Title  
6/29/2001 V Planet Takes Largest Delay Ever QB Article
6/24/2001 QB Affiliates Spearhead Expo Campaign QB Article
6/20/2001 QBasic Enters Age of Sega Genesis? QB Article
May 2001 Article Title  
5/25/2001 2001 QB Expo Registration Begins! QB Article
5/24/2001 Traffic Troubles Impact Big QB Sites QB Article
5/22/2001 Bainstooth Brings Guidance to V Planet QB Article
5/17/2001 2001 QB Gaming Golds Site Launched! QB Article
5/15/2001 StattoNet Closes Off Its Sections QB Article
5/12/2001 Improving Your QB Game's "Shelf Life" Editorial
5/2/2001 Thanks for Two at the Statto Site Awards! QB Article
5/2/2001 Pickers Makes Big Plans After 10,000 Hit Mark QB Article
April 2001 Article Title  
4/30/2001 V Planet Gets a New Mailbox QB Article
4/21/2001 Vote V Planet for the Statto Site Awards! QB Article
4/19/2001 Future Software Buys QB Article
4/16/2001 AlienQB Rides Into The Sunset QB Article
4/14/2001 Affiliates Cut Back In April Site Report
4/7/2001 Forced Offline By Closed Server QB Article
4/7/2001 Future QB Events Announced QB Article
4/6/2001 Revenge of the Basics, Part 1: DarkBasic QB Article
March 2001 Article Title  
3/30/2001 Future Software "Offline" Message Alarms Community QB Article
3/27/2001 The Gold Winners Reign In March Site Report
3/25/2001 In Search of the Right Speed Editorial
3/18/2001 Ghini Run Demo 2 Dominates QB Racing Preview
3/17/2001 XBox Invades Hulla-Balloo? Entertainment
3/15/2001 V Planet Settles For Silver QB Article
3/12/2001 Gaming Gold Awards Delivered QB Article
3/3/2001 Master Creating Goes Commercial QB Article
February 2001 Article Title  
2/27/2001 Time for Some Early Spring Cleaning QB Article
2/20/2001 Should Programmers Shrivel up or Succeed? Editorial
2/16/2001 2001 QB Gaming Gold Winners Announced! QB Article
2/14/2001 Match Picks With the Zkman QB Article
2/14/2001 Help QBCM Celebrate It's Birthday! QB Article
2/9/2001 Geocities Change Forces Voting to Stop QB Article
2/8/2001 Adult Policies to Be Unsanctioned QB Article
2/5/2001 A Slow Recovery Into February Site Report
2/1/2001 GBGames Makes It Mark in QB QB Article
2/1/2001 The Case of Obidwaa vs. the Fry Guys QB Article
January 2001 Article Title  
1/23/2001 2001 Gaming Gold Awards Ballot Finished! QB Article
1/20/2001 Excuse the Grammar Editorial
1/17/2001 A Look into the Generation QB Article
1/12/2001 2001 Gaming Gold Nomination Form QB Article
1/10/2001 Diamond Titan Joins V Planet QB Article
1/5/2001 Inside The Heart of Imerion QB Article
1/5/2001 V Planet Wins Statto Gold Code Award QB Article
1/3/2001 Make our Mailing List Come Alive! QB Article
1/2/2001 QB:CM Drops Reviews in Favor of Gamers QB Article
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December-July 2000 Articles (Sorted By Date)
December 2000 Article Title  
12/31/2000 ShadowCorps Joins Hulla-Balloo QB Article
12/21/2000 V Planet's Holiday Picks QB Article
12/18/2000 Tek and Terry in December Site Report
12/13/2000 The Morikun Tale Will Be Told QB Article
12/11/2000 QB on Acid Leaks Back QB Article
12/10/2000 QBShire's Last Editiorial  Editorial
November 2000 Article Title  
11/24/2000 The End of MS-DOS? QB Article
11/23/2000 Leave it to EvilBeaver Interview
11/23/2000 V Planet Knocked Back By Politics Editorial
11/6/2000 For Ye Who Seeks Refuge QB Article
October 2000 Article Title  
10/30/2000 QB Sites Suffer From October Crisis QB Article
10/29/2000 AlienQB Joins V Planet! QB Article
10/27/2000 Hit Me QB One More Time QB Article
10/24/2000 That's Some Crazy Balls Preview
10/19/2000 2001 Qlympics Overview QB Article
10/19/2000 2001 Gaming Golds Overview QB Article
10/14/2000 How to Work at V Planet QB Article
10/14/2000 Jeremy Hammond Joins Our Crew Editorial
10/13/2000 In and Out of October Site Report
10/1/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #6 QB Article
September 2000 Article Title  
9/30/2000 Come See Our New QB Links Page QB Article
9/30/2000 V Planet Breaks Bad Record QB Article
9/15/2000 Top Strategy Games List is Coming! QB Article
9/15/2000 Our Stand on Adult QB Games Editorial
9/12/2000 Things Look Up in September Site Report
9/6/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #5 QB Article
9/3/2000 Master Creating Makes its Picks QB Article
9/2/2000 Dark Legends Parts from QB Portal QB Article
August 2000 Article Title  
8/31/2000 2000 QB Expo is Now OPEN!!! QB Article
8/30/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #4 QB Article
8/20/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #3 QB Article
8/16/2000 QBShire Speaks to NeoBasic Interview
8/16/2000 Huh huh, It's Site Hunting Season Site Report
8/14/2000 QB Game Reviews: The Standard? Editorial
8/14/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #2 QB Article
8/11/2000 Has Pete's Site Been Pulled? QB Article
8/8/2000 The REAL QB Expo Launch Dates QB Article
8/6/2000 QB Expo Coverage, Part #1 QB Article
July 2000 Article Title  
7/28/2000 Developers Get VIP Treatment QB Article
7/19/2000 End of Days for QB Article
7/19/2000 A Half-Time Show For Our Hands QB Article
7/17/2000 Read 'em and Weep Editorial
7/14/2000 Gabbing For Better Games Interview
7/8/2000 QB Expo to Sign With Hulla-Balloo QB Article
7/6/2000 Show Some Love QB Article
7/5/2000 Where the Chickens Run QB Article
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January-June 2000 Articles (Sorted By Date)
June 2000 Article Title  
6/30/2000 Evolution of the Zelda Clone QB Article
6/25/2000 Cyber Chick Squares Up QB Article
6/24/2000 NeoBasic Introduces New Award QB Article
6/24/2000 Download Devkits Here QB Article
6/24/2000 Technical Problems in June Site Report
6/18/2000 Clockwerk Productions Interview, Pt. 2 Interview
6/14/2000 The Make Your Character Count Contest QB Article
6/10/2000 Final List: QB Expo Developers QB Article
6/5/2000 V Planet Wins Second Award QB Article
6/3/2000 PHAT Kids Seek Revolution QB Article
May 2000 Article Title  
5/29/2000 V Games: Secret Game Revealed QB Article
5/20/2000 The Forces of May: RPG Sites Site Report
5/19/2000 Clockwerk Productions Interview, Pt. 1 Interview
5/18/2000 It Sounds Like Not Enough QB Article
5/16/2000 Marcade Leaves NeoBasic QB Article
5/11/2000 Pete's QBasic Site Scare QB Article
5/8/2000 Taken Out of the Dark QB Article
5/6/2000 Build A Better Universe QB Article
5/3/2000 Will the Real Raven Please Stand Up? QB Article
5/3/2000 The Dungeon Falls to Darkness QB Article
April 2000 Article Title  
4/24/2000 Cyberion Wish List QB Article
4/19/2000 QB: The Magazine Archives Are Back QB Article
4/17/2000 Reviews Reconstructed QB Article
4/11/2000 A Tale of Two Industries Editorial
4/11/2000 A Renaissance in April Site Report
4/7/2000 The QB Exposition QB Article
4/7/2000 The Buttons Go Bad QB Article
4/1/2000 The Revenge of Pete's Cousin QB Article
4/1/2000 Future Software Confirmed For 100,000 Hits QB Article
March 2000 Article Title  
3/22/2000 Programming Oasis Back Online QB Article
3/20/2000 Top Arcade Game List Splits Editorial
3/20/2000 QB Sites in March Site Report
3/19/2000 Wrath of Sona Journals QB Article
3/16/2000 Top Puzzle Game Preview QB Article
February 2000 Article Title  
2/28/2000 V Planet! Wants Your Strategy Games QB Article
2/28/2000 Yet Another Site Makeover QB Article
2/20/2000 Is Time Running Our For QB Article
2/14/2000 Piptol and AlienQB Lend a Hand QB Article
2/12/2000 Simply QBasic and Merge QB Article
2/4/2000 V Planet Announces New Event QB Article
2/4/2000 Bring On the Affiliates QB Article
January 2000 Article Title  
1/26/2000 And The Winners Are... QB Article
1/17/2000 QB Sites Change Face Site Report
1/17/2000 It's Crunch Time QB Article
1/10/2000 Can Zkman Predict the Winners? Interview
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October-December 1999 Articles (Sorted By Date)
December 1999 Article Title  
12/22/99 QB Gaming Gold FAQ QB Article
12/22/99 Three More Go For Gold QB Article
12/13/99 Bug Fixers Wanted QB Article
12/10/99 Arcade: Top Action/Platforms Needed QB Article
November 1999 Article Title  
11/26/99 Bob Saget Gets Banished QB Article
11/3/99 QBShire Looks to the Future Editorial
October 1999 Article Title  
10/21/99 DarkDread Goes Ethereal Interview
10/13/99 QBShire Catches Cold Editorial
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V Planet! Archive
This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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Get ready for this year's Gaming Golds! After a long hiatus, this year promises to be one of the biggest galas in the history of the QB world. Who will take home the gold this year?

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The original king of QB reviews is back with a vengeance! Check out the new and improved version of his website and don't forget to upload your latest QB projects to Pete's new download section!

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