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Updated November 20, 2004

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Darkness Ethereal Expresses Life Beyond QB
(6/24/2002) When coding group Darkness Ethereal isn't making a game in Quickbasic, they're likely making a game using something else.

Darkness Ethereal's Mattress Warrior was developed in 48 hours.

Their resume of hit QB games goes on and on: Lianne in the Dark Crown, The Secret of Cooey trilogy, The Legend of Lith II, and Mysterious Song. But if you ask the folks at Darkness Ethereal whether they're a QB coding group or not, the answer can be quite surprising at first.

"Just thought I'd make a quick note, please don't call DE a 'QB' anything, as it really is misleading," explains Darkness Ethereal member DarkDread. "We're not sticking with any particular language, or even OS platform... the reason QB has been used so far, is that I still find it fun... however, future projects may or may not be in QB."

Darkness Ethereal also wants to help clear up any misunderstandings from the QB media. "I really don't want people to feel let down if we, say, start making games in python, and for linux exclusively (no, it's not gonna happen, but I like that lang quite a bit... just making a point)," continues DarkDread. "So, if you guys could clear this up, I'd really appreciate it. I just don't want people to expect an image of us that we never really created."

V Planet apologizes for bolstering the image that Darkness Ethereal is a pure QB-dedicated organization. As it turns out, the true passion of Darkness Ethereal has been something a little more obvious, which is creating RPGs that flatter and may eventually surpass the commerical Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games. As V Planet is strictly a QB games website, we can't follow Darkness Ethereal's path every step of the way, but should Darkness Ethereal and QB cross paths during their journey, we'll be there as well.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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