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Updated November 20, 2004

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What's so Good about linking to V Planet!

V Planet! has one of the longest URLs in the world. So, if you want to go to V Planet! while observing your glorious site, you can simply click on your new, handy V Planet! link. By linking to us you get quicker access to all the latest information on your favorite QB developers and games. You also get V Games exclusives, with information about some of the craziest, most unorthodox entertainment QB has to offer.

How V Planet! can link to you

There are three ways V Planet! can link to you. One way is to submit a QB game for us to review at vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT com. If we review the game, then a link to your site will be posted on V Planet forever!

The second way V Planet can link to you is by adding your link to our brand-spanking new QB Link Page. There's really no hassle to this process. Simply send your website URL to us at vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT com. We'll check out your site, and if it has anything to do with QB and people of all ages can see it, then we'll be happy to add your QB site to the 100+ QB Links that are already in our QB Link page.

But if you really think your QB site is the best out there, then the third way for V Planet to link to you is to be a QB Affiliate. QB Affiliates are our way of linking to QB sites that may not be developing QB games, but are an epicenter for QB news and information. Most likely if we've found your site and we like your fanaticism for QB, you've already made it to our Affiliate list. If we haven't found you, then shame on us! E-mail your site URL to vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT com and we'll see if your site has enough to QB gaming gusto to make it to our elite.

How to Measure QB Gusto

1. Your site has to love, cherish, and/or worship QB games.
2. Big points if your site has a QB game that you're working on and are planning to finish. 
3. Linking to us will increase your QB gusto and make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Where to Link

If you're planning to use a text link, make sure you link to

Such a text link is almost guaranteed by copying the following code and putting it into your page:

<font><a href="">V Planet</a></font>

We Have Buttons!
Here's how you can link to our site using a button. First, choose one of the following designs:

Design 1
"vb1.jpg" (88*30)

Design 2
"vb2.jpg" (88*30)

Design 3
"vb3.jpg" (88*30)

Design 4
"vb4.jpg" (88*30)

Design 5
"vb5.jpg" (88*30)

Design 6
"vb6.jpg" (88*30)

Design 7
"vb7.jpg" (88*30)

Design 8
"vb8.jpg" (88*30)

Design 9
"vb9.jpg" (88*30)

Design 10

Found one you like? Good! Remember the number of the button design you chose (the number in red). Copy the following code below, replacing "design no" with the design number of the button you like.

<a href=""><img SRC=" no.jpg?popup=1" alt="V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine" border=0 height=30 width=88></a>

Need a banner to us?
If you prefer a banner to a button, we'll try to make some banners for you to choose from and we'll have 'em in this page on a future update. In the meantime, if you would like a customized banner for your site (and you're willing to donate some of your precious Kb for it, send an e-mail with the URL of your site to vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT com.)

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V Planet! Archive
This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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