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Updated November 20, 2004

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Entertainment (April 2004-May 2003)

(4/16/2004) Each month, we celebrate the best Celebs sites on the Internet! In April, we cuddle up with Jessica Alba.

The Site: 

The Focus: Jessica Alba, best known for her starring role as Max Guevara on the cancelled TV show Dark Angel, has been staging a bit of a high-profile comeback of late. Alba's quite the sexy concoction, a mix of Spanish, French, Danish, American Indian and Mexican ancestries. As a result, she's was Maxim's #1 Hottest Babe of 2001 and has placed on top 10 lists for Sexiest Female Star in a poll (5th), FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll (6th) and Sci-Fi Babes in 2002 (4th). The 22-year-old actress, who got her first film role at the age of 12, has been all over the place lately promoting her film Honey. Even though drool-worthy promos and a Maxim spread have probably drawn more attention, the flick certainly didn't do bad for itself by opening in 2nd with $12 million, behind only Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai. The 2nd and final season of Dark Angel was also recently released to solid sales. Among her other notable films were Never Been Kissed and a co-starring role in Idle Hands.

The Features: This site is just as slick and sexy as Alba herself. The web design is impressive, with stylish rollover menus and a series of random, sexy Alba photos showing up randomly in a seamless side frame. The site boasts a massive collection of Alba photos as well in the Gallery section, just in case you didn't get enough from just browsing the site. The home page is updated almost daily with new Alba news or site improvements and the Forum is an active one thanks to many dedicated Alba fans. Her web presence was part of what made the decision for this month take longer than usual: too many solid Alba sites out there. Once I found it, though, this one was head and shoulders above the rest. The only lingering negative was that the Videos section was recently taken down due to leechers. However, there is a coming soon sign in its place so maybe we'll get lucky. Videos of the smokin' Alba are not to be trifled with.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

(11/21/2003) For November we take a look at the best site for rising star Alyson Hannigan.

The Site: The Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society

The Focus: Get ready for the most horribly biased view of an entertainer to grace this wonderful Earth. I'm an unabashed fan of Ms. Hannigan and have been known to refer to her in conversation as The Greatest Actress on Earth (which takes a bit longer to say but is just as appropriate a reference to her as her given name). Alyson recently co-starred with Jason Biggs in the final American Pie movie and is also well-known for her extremely popular character Willow on the recently finished cult sensation Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Alyson, or Aly as her friends and fans call her, has been acting since she was 4 years old and had her first movie role in 1988 playing Dan Aykroyd's daughter in the Aykroyd/Kim Basinger vehicle My Stepmother is an Alien (which ironically featured a young Seth Green as Aly's brace-face boyfriend...about 10 years later they would also reprise the boyfriend-girlfriend scenario on Buffy). Most of America would come to know her 11 years later through the trailers of a little movie called American Pie, which featured her uttering perhaps the most infamous and oft-repeated catchphrase of the late 90's ("This one time at band camp..."). Hannigan was originally offered the role of Heather (the "choir girl priss") which eventually went to Mena Suvari (who, by my research is the only actress to appear in more "American" movies than Hannigan. Suvari was in American Pie 1 & 2, American Virgin, and American Beauty). Hannigan turned down the role because she felt Michelle was a funnier and more interesting character. While the character started out as a one-note joke, but Hannigan managed to parlay it into a bigger role in the first sequale and has now graduated into a co-starring gig. Unfortunately for all the single guys out there, Alyson has just recently become engaged to her former Buffy costar Alexis Denisof (who plays Wesley on the Buffy spinoff Angel).

The Features: Once again, probably the highlight of this site is it's extremely active messageboard found under the title AHAS Chat. It may seem that I highlight the messageboards for every site I review here, but maybe that's because the best site's almost always seem to end up with the most passionate forums. Willowisms is a fairly entertaining quotes section with Willow quotes tacked on to Buffy screencaps in comic-ish thought balloons (...on zerbras mating "It's like the heimlich, with stripes!") There's an AHAS Store with links to buy everything from posters to DVD's to soundtracks of movies and TV shows Alyson's been in and a Pics section with assorted vidcaps. The Bio has a chronological listing of all her TV and movie appearances, sorted by regular appearances and guest shots.

Bonus: As a bonus this month I'm like to give an honorable mention to It's a vidcap and scan page with hundreds upon hundreds of Aly pictures from magazines, movies, television appearances and more. 

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

(10/25/2003) In October we step into the world of singer/songwriter/actress Ashanti at Ashanti Daily.

The Site:

The Focus: Ashanti, the 22-year-old sensation who broke out last year with a string of collaborations with labelmate Ja Rule, has been in the music biz for more than 1/3 of her life. She got her first contract with Jive Records at the tender age of 14 and another with Epic at 17, but neither deal resulted in an album release. She continued to persevere, but wouldn't find success until Murder Ink label-head/producer Irv Gotti would find her in the oddest of places: the Disney Channel. Her role in the musical Polly caught the mogul's attention and he signed her to her current home at Murder Ink. Her first taste of recording to get released was a posthumous vocal collaboration with heavyweight rapper Big Pun on "How We Roll", but it wasn't until last spring when she parlayed her writing success for stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule into an album that would storm the charts. 

The Features: At the site's core is a frequently updated News page (updated 17 times in the month of July alone). The Bio section features yes, a bio, as well as an in-depth listing of all the awards she's been nominated for or won. There are numerous audio and video clips in the Media section as well as lyrics and a discography. The Pictures section is especially hot, including scans of her red-hot shoots with The Source and Maxim's spinoff music mag Blender. Unfortunately the Forum was down at the time I wrote this due to exceeded bandwith...probably because Ashanti's #1 debuting 2nd album Chapter II was released this month. If you want an Ashanti buddy icon for your messenger service, look no further than Downloads which has 33 different Ashanti avatars.

The History: The site was launched in November of 1998 by then-webmaster and current owner Wayne as one one of the few Katie Holmes sites on the net. After going through many revisions and several webmasters, the site is currently maintained by Mikey with help from former webmaster Vulture. The site's look was recently refurbished to its new, pleasing look.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

(9/12/2003) In September, we chant with the ladies at the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading Squad's official website.

The Site: The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Home Page

The Focus: While it may be easy to concentrate on the Dallas Cowboy's impressive football season so far, it's also just as intoxicating to settle down and visit the NFL website's rich and highly entertaining section dedicated to one of the best cheerleading teams in football. The 2003 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad consists of thirty-six beautiful and talented women whose other occupations range from dance instructors to spa coordinators.

The Features: The main webpage provides easy access to GameDay, Upcoming Appearances (great if you live in the Dallas area), and the Dallas Cowboys Online Store. While visiting the online store, you may want to purchase the 2003 Squad's Swimsuit Calendar. A preview, including photos of the 12 cheerleaders who make up the current calendar, can also be fond on the website.

Also included in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders website is an Audition page for how to join the squad, a News page, a Squad page that includes Bios for each cheerleader, and a page for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader's sister squad, the Dallas Desperado Dancers.

Written by Vance Velez, Editor

(8/16/2003) August, like anytime, is the perfect excuse to make a link to

The Site:

The Focus: One of the most popular supermodels of all time and a future gaming babe in EA's Everything or Nothing (to be released for Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft XBox, Nintendo GameCube, and Game Boy Advance), Heidi Klum is one of those lucky women to have really done it all. After growing up in Bersigch, Germany, Heidi finally married and settled in Manhattan, New York. When she isn't gracing the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan, FHM,Sports Illustrated, and Glamour, she spends time with her family and friends. This official website for Heidi, offered in Dutch and English, gives a fuller picture of her public and private life, as written in her own words.

The Features: Heidi fans can rejoice with a Gallery section that showcases Heidi's favorite pictures along with written commentary. There's also a Forum section for folks to hang out and talk about Heidi's upcoming appearances. A Shop section features perfume, shoes, and jewelry, and both the Press and Heidi Private section give visitors an opportunity to hear about the latest news involving Heidi Klum.

The most interesting section for gamers will probably be the Heidi Private section, which includes the Heidi-Puzzle. This quick online game allows players to unscramble a picture of Heidi's face. This is a little harder than it first looks, and site visitors are encouraged to try out for their best time.

Written by Vance Velez, Editor

(7/29/2003) As July closes we grab some wang from one of the first comic sites for gamers, Penny Arcade.

The Site:

The Focus: Videogame comic duos have been around since the first days of Nintendo Power and Howard and Nester. Characters Tycho and Gabe give a modern, multi-platform generation a fresh new look at the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Microsoft XBox through their blunt humor and witty dissection of pop culture. Nearing their fifth anniversary, Penny Arcade is fully equipped for the next generation of consoles with more art, more features, and a whole lotta wang.

The Features: Besides the site's popular Comic section, which pokes light-hearted fun at the latest videogames, Penny Arcade's News section offers a wealth of editorials from people who own all three consoles and aren't afraid to say whatever they need to get off their chests. There is also a small Review section featuring games over the years that have really caught the eyes of the Penny Arcade crew, and a Cool Stuff section that includes everything from wallpapers to link buttons.

Written by Vance Velez, Editor


(6/25/2003) In June, we explore a site that gives you all the information you could possibly want about all your favorite movies and actors, The International Movie Database.

The Site:

The Focus: The International Movie Database (or IMDB for short) is an enormous and comprehensive listing of pretty much every movie ever made and every actor in them. Search for an actor and you'll find a listing for every movie, TV show, or video game they've ever appeared in, even if they weren't credited. Search for a movie and you'll find every actor, director, crew member or anyone else associated with the movie. If you've ever had a nagging "I know I've seen that guy somewhere else!" feeling that wouldn't go away, will cure it. Obsess about an actress? IMDB will show you everything she's ever been in or will be featured in the near future. 

The Features: When you click on a movie you get so much more than just the actor listing. There is a sidebar to every movie with links to Memorable Quotes, Trivia, Plot Summary, Box Office statistics, Showtimes, Websites and so much more. For actors/actresses, you'll find Biographical information, Photographs, even if they're appearing On TV this Week. 

Perhaps what the site's most famous for, however, is its user ratings and reviews. Anyone who registers at the site, which is free, can vote and/or write reviews of their favorite or least favorite movies. Think Charlie's Angels sucked? Give it a 1 and write a review about how you have more fun clipping your toenails. Did the Matrix Reloaded rock your world? Give it a 10 and write about the themes that resonated with you. The site keeps track of the ratings and displays them on the front page of each movie and also uses them to keep track of lists including the TOP 250 MOVIES (led by The Godfather with a 9.0 average out of 74,327 votes), THE BOTTOM 100 (Worst) Movies (led by Manos, The Hands of Fate with a 1.6 average among 4278 votes and featuring such luminaries as From Justin to Kelly, Santa with Muscles, Glitter, Kazaam and Cool as Ice), and lists by decade and genre.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

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