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Entertainment (May 2003-November 2002)

(5/23/2003) Each month, we celebrate the best Celebs sites on the Internet! In May, we pay a visit to the gorgeous Katie Holmes.

The Site:

The Focus: Katie Holmes was recently named as one of Teen People's top 25 stars under 25 (a few years ago she also placed in their top 21 stars under 21). Katie first broke out in "The Ice Storm", before landing her signature role of Joey Potter on "Dawson's Creek". She would parlay that role into films such as "Disturbing Behavior", "Teaching Mrs. Tingle", "Wonder Boys", "The Gift", and a particularly shining role as Claire Montgomery in "Go". Holmes was last seen in the recent box-office topper "Phone Booth" and the newly released to video "Abandon". 

The Features: This site combines a strong and steady News feed with a large gallery of Images, feeding the needs of both the true fans and those who yearn to see a bit more of the delectable Ms. Holmes. The site also has a limited but entertaining set of clips in Media, a collection of Katie-related Articles, and a message Board. Also included is an interesting, if considerably outdated, Biography on Katie. 

The History: The site was launched in November of 1998 by then-webmaster and current owner Wayne as one one of the few Katie Holmes sites on the net. After going through many revisions and several webmasters, the site is currently maintained by Mikey with help from former webmaster Vulture. The site's look was recently refurbished to its new, pleasing look.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

(4/30/2003) April passed us by, but we did take a visit to Miss Independent at

The Site: The Ultimate Kelly Clarkson Website

The Focus: While Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard exchanged air punches and vocal performances, singer Kelly Clarkson was busy laying the foundation and setting the standard for all American Idols to follow. Her first album, "Thankful", sold 297,000 copies in it's first week and has since gone platinum. Ironically, Kelly Clarkson's sites have not shared the same success-- with being one of the few Kelly Clarkson fansites left on the net with full, comprehensive news and media about the superstar.

The Features: Split into six sections, gives visitors a chance to read the Main page for the latest news on Kelly Clarkson, check out her accomplishments in the Kelly section, hear what her Fans have to say about her, jump into a media treasure chest of music, photos, and videos, and learn about and it's contributors through the Site and www sections.

The History: was made in October 6, 2002, after webmaster Mike had met Kelly in an album signing at Burleson, Texas. The site has prospered since, with additional help from fellow webmaster John Shuler.

Written by Vance Velez, Editor

(3/19/2003) In March, we enter the BuffyVerse and check in on everyone's favorite blonde Slayer at 

The Site: The Complete Episode Guide

The Focus: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or BtVS for short, has evolved from a cult hit movie in 1992 to a critically acclaimed and culturally impactful television show since its debut as a mid-season replacement in 1997. The series has helped launch the film careers of many young actors/actresses, including Sarah Michelle Gellar (Cruel Intentions, Scooby Doo), Alyson Hannigan (American Pie 1,2), Eliza Dushku (Bring It On, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), Seth Green (Can't Hardly Wait and the Austin Powers trilogy), and Emma Caulfield (Darkness Falls) as well as being a haven for such Buffy fan-favorites as Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Anthony Stewart Head. The show has also spawned the hit spin-off Angel, featuring Buffy alumni Charisma Carpenter, David Boreanaz, and Alexis Denisov. BtVS is currently in the homestretch of concluding its run as Buffy The Vampire Slayer with only 6 original episodes left to go. Speculation is high that the series will return next year, just under some new circumstances. Sarah Michelle Gellar has said she won't be back in the titular role, so a name change is probably in order. 

The Features: The primary feature are the episodic reviews in the episode guide which are some of the most innovative on the internet. For each episode covered, the reviews feature a complete cast listing, Synopsis, MonsterVision, Body Count, Dialogue to Die For (best quotes), Dialogue to Bury (worst quotes), References (pop culture references), Continuity, Goofes and Gaffes, Notes, Music, Comments, and Nielsen ratings. While there is a synopsis for every episode, there unfortunately 2 gaps in the reviews, one from Season 5 episode 20 until the end of Season 6 and the other from Season 7 episode 6 through the present. Other great site features are News Bytes, The Players (in-depth cast profiles for regulars and semi-regulars), Images, Quotes, and an active set of forums including anything from general Buffy opinions to fan fiction. Overall a great companion for BtVS viewing or a solid primer for new fans. 

The History: The site began early on in the series' run and was maintained by Brian Zino and Will Zagoren until the current webmaster Jamie Marie took over with Jeremy in January of 1999. Brian and Will's episode reviews spanning from the premiere through Season 3's "The Wish" are still on file. Jeremy started reducing his duties in late 2000 and by early 2001 had left the site solely to Jamie Marie. Jamie currently does almost everything, but gets help on episodic reviews from her fiance Elliott and Soupytwist.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

(2/28/2003) In part two, we check in on the latest goings-on from the brunette beauty and fellow Slayer, Eliza Dushku. 

The Site: E.D.t.v.

The Focus: While film fans now know her as anything from a tough cheerleader (Bring It On) to the leader of a girl-gang of international jewel thieves (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) to a storyline daughter of both Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies) and Paul Reiser (Bye Bye, Love), her first true break-out role came as the rogue slayer Faith on BtVS. After a college and film-induced absence, she's now returning to Buffy and its spin-off Angel to reprise that role.

The Features: The heart of this site is its News Channel which features an up-to-date account on the latest on Eliza and is complemented by an active message board. For those more interested in Eliza for her aesthetic features, their are photo galleries, video clips, wallpapers and even a Sims version of the scorching-hot young actress. 

The History: The site began its run a little over two years ago in Jan. 2001 as "EDtv: The Eliza Dushku News Channel" and focused primarily on the news aspect. Vanessa, the webmaster, has ran the site since its inception with some help from her friend spider kelly. In May of '02, the site took a leap by acquiring the name and expanding beyond the news element to areas such as multimedia. The site has just recently gone through another overhaul which gave it its current, spiffy look.

Written by Dusty Goehring, Entertainment Editor

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(1/17/2003) In January, we sit back and relax at

Making her first impressions with "The 60's" and the movie "Ten Things I Hate About You", Julia Stiles is one serious actress that's still coming of age. lets you trace Julia's path to stardom through their collection of articles and media, including exclusive interviews from Julia herself.

Her latest movie "A Guy Thing" teams Julia with Jason Lee (Almost Famous) and Selma Blair (The Sweetest Thing).

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(12/17/2002) In December we kick it up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

They've invaded our lunchboxes, our videogames, our television screens, and our childhoods. And now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ready to do it all over again! Thanks to a little help from the Fox channel, an entirely new series starring the heroes in a half shell are going to air, with a fresh, new art style similar to hit shows like X-Men: Evolution and another successful re-release, Masters of the Universe. Visit the official website for a sneak peek of the cartoon, then check out some of their archives for a real nostalgia kick!

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(11/6/2002) In November we keep our costumes on in the Gotham Clock Tower.

As the Internet's first massive Birds of Prey site, Gotham Clock Tower is right on top of WB's latest attempt to turn the DC comics universe into a ratings blockbuster. The hit show, which stars Dina Meyer, Ashley Scott, and Rachel Skarsten, continues the Batman saga with a Gotham City uninhabited by Batman, and with a trio of unlikely comrades taking over as defenders of the often crime-infested populace. With spoilers, episode guides, inside news, recommended readings, and galleries, it'll be especially hard to find a more complete resource for all your Birds of Prey needs.

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