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Updated November 20, 2004

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Entertainment (February 2000-December 1999)

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(2/14/2000) During the month of love, we took a stop at JLH 2000.

Whether it's a slasher flick or a melodrama, Jennifer Love Hewitt is simply too talented an actress to resist. Jennifer Love Hewitt 2000 takes Hewitt's life in retrospect and looks into the future with photos and rumors to boot.

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(1/10/2000) Get ready for battle. We open Y2K with a trip to SREDBZ's Homepage.

All the Dragon Ball Z news, pics, stories, links, and animated GIFs you'll ever need. SREDBZ's Dragonball Homepage delivers. Kame-a-me-aaa!!

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(12/5/99) There was no better way to close off the 20th century than to talk about pop sensation Britney Spears.

Britney Spears's official web site has everything you need to keep track of Britney's breathtaking, multi-platinum career. Bios, pics, and videos are only the beginning, as visitors are also treated to in-depth interviews and up-to-the-minute info. There's even a section exclusively for her fans.

Click on the pic to enter BonBon's Charmed Fansite at

(11/3/99) "The Power of Three": Bonbon gives us the goods on the WB show Charmed with

Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs. Whether it's interviews, photographs, or episode guides, BonBon's Charmed Fan site has everything you need to know about Spelling's hit show about a sisterhood of witches and their mission to protect our world from the supernatural.

Click on the pic to enter Stephanie's Unofficial Iron Chef site at

(10/13/99) On October we talked about an Unofficial Fan Site for what is officially the hottest cooking show on cable TV,

When it comes to cable TV, the Food Network's Iron Chef series is entertainment at its absolute best. So Stephanie put together this unofficial fan site to salute the show, featuring pictures and stats of all your favorite Iron Chefs.

Click on the pic to enter The Reese Witherspoon Photo Gallery at

(9/23/99) On Semptember we launched V Planet's Entertainment section with our tribute to The Reese Witherspoon Photo Gallery, by PixelVisionMedia.

If you haven't seen Cruel Intentions, Fear, Man in the Moon, or Election, you may have missed a chance to glance over the career of one of Tennessee's brightest Hollywood stars. PixelVisionMedia does an excellent job of capturing Reese Witherspoon's picture perfect career, from her days on the silver screen to her fairy tale future with actor Ryan Phillippe. Definitely worth a look.

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