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Entertainment (October 2002-September 2001)

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(10/25/2002) October brings a short but sweet appearance from RPG Classic's River City Ransom Shrine.

River City Ransom for the NES is just one of those extremely rare cult classics where you'll like it when you play it, it will reach your personal favorites list, and everybody who's been spoiled by the next-gen console craze will look at you funny when you make your decision. Fortunately, the folks at RPGClassics know all about this outstanding Technos game, are aren't afraid to give the game the full blowout it deserves.

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(9/18/2002) Each month, we celebrate the best Celebs sites on the Internet. September gives us one last taste of Summer with DOAXCess.

If you've ever owned a Dreamcast, a PSX, a PS2, or an X-Box, the Dead or Alive franchise of fighting games is one fighting game series that's hard to avoid, even if you're not into the game for the eye candy. Now, Team Ninja has taken the tittilation to an entirely new level by creating a game that has all the female characters from the Dead or Alive franchise participate in a volleyball match against each other, in an effort to buy as many bikinis as possible. It may be a weak plot, but this game is destined to leave many XBox gamers happy.

DOAXCess is one of the best sites on the Internet devoted exclusively on promoting this promising little game, which was voted by the perverts at IGN as the best non-playable presentation of E3 *sigh*. Everything you want to know about the game, including advertisements and the plotline, is right there. With Microsoft and Tecmo working together, Dead or Alive XTreme Beach Volleyball promises to be the most successful videogame of the summer.*

*Of course, this is total bruhaha. First off, while Dead or Alive XTreme Beach Volleyball does show great promise, another game's recent sales have already confirmed it as best game of the summer --> 

Second, Dead or Alive XTreme Beach Volleyball is coming out in November, which is too late to be in contention for best game of the summer. But as long as you have the appropriate footnote, you can get away with saying anything.

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(8/21/2002) In August we play along with Avril Lavigne.

Long before she was mainstreamed with her hit singles "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi", Avril Lavigne was skating in the streets of New York, gradually building her craft for writing songs all about being herself. The Official Avril Lavigne site takes you on a journey through Avril's life, from her childhood in Napanee, Ontario to her chance encounter with Antonio "LA" Reid, one of the frontmen for Arista Records. Her site also includes photos and lots of commentary from the young songwriter herself.

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(7/24/2002) In July we cheer on for

After coming out of a $400 million dollar blockbuster, where does Kirsten Dunst go next? Word has it that the Mary Jane starlet now has her eyes set on the latest Julia Roberts movie, "Mona Lisa Smile". There are also rumors circulating that she could be hitting the London stage for the West End play, "This is Our Youth". Whereever her career takes her, is there every step of the way, with pictures and other multimedia goodness to boot.

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(6/7/2002) In June we relive the magic of the 2002 MTV Movie Awards.

With musical performances from Kelly Osbourne and Eminem, the 2002 MTV Movie Awards combined modern music with a "night at the movies" feel, fueled by hosts Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The highlight of the show was of course, who won categories like "Best Villain" and "Best Kiss". Full of photos and flipbooks, this is the place to go if you want to take another look at this gala event.

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(9/1/2001) September takes us a whole new Spaceworld with Yamauchi's Dream.

Shigeru Miyamoto's decision to go "old school" with the next installment of The Legend of Zelda created a division between the fans of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and the fans of the classic Zelda games for the NES and SNES. In Yamauchi's Dream we check out what Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi thinks about the situation while adding a bit of videogame humor. A must-see for Zelda fans!

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