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Updated November 20, 2004

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The Awards Page

Welcome to the Awards Page! This is where V Planet! cleverly knocks down two birds with one stone. First off, we're going to show off the awards that we won, then we're going to tell you about the awards sponsored by V Planet! Pretty sweet, huh? Well, here goes.

Awards Won By V Planet (in order received):

AlienQB's QBasic Dungeon Superb Site Award
Our site just got our first award! AlienQB's QBasic Dungeon recently gave us the "Superb Site Award".  This award is handed out once per month by The QBasic Dungeon to honor sites that have helped out the QB community. The Dungeon awarded this banner to V Planet! for our continuous efforts to cover QB news.

As the QBasic Dungeon grew, AlienQB joined our QB Affiliate program. In May 2000, AlienQB's QBasic Dungeon changed it's name to Dark Legends Software. The new and improved site quickly replaced AlienQB's QBasic Dungeon in the list of Future Software's Top Quality Links. In August 2000, expanded again, this time changing its name to the QB Portal. The final appearance of the QBasic Dungeon was in September 2, 2000, when the coding group decided to move it's projects to the C++ language. Since then AlienQB's presence in the QB community has been missed.

Daniel Eriksson's Very Good Site Award
Just as V Planet reached 5000 hits in June 5, 2000, Daniel Eriksson gave us an unexpected surprise-- the valuable and extremely rare Very Good Site Award! This award, which has only been received by some of the most enjoyable and popular sites on the Internet, was given to us by Daniel Eriksson because he believes that V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine is a "sweet site". Thanks Daniel! There's no better way to celebrate the big 5000 than by holding this trophy of an award up high.

Daniel's current QB project is a puzzle adventure, Portal of Worlds 2. You can click on the award or on the link to go straight to his site and find out more about Portal of Worlds 2 and of Daniel Erikkson's various QB contributions.

NeoBasic Site of the Month Award
Two sites, Simply QB and, were struggling to earn full respect among its peers despite the fact that Simply QB was one of the biggest QB archives on the Internet (one time even surpassing Future Software in terms of total files). Seeking to relegate its past and become a stronger site, Neozones and Simply QB merged in February of 2000. The two merged sites have since been renamed to NeoBasic.

Since then, NeoBasic had replaced its massive file archive with an NMP system, which basically allowed programmers to add programs to the download list as they pleased. The ultimate vision is to create a QB site with a file archive that automated itself. The price to make such an archive was the resignation of many of NeoBasic's founders, but the return of such a sacrifice is a chance to regain the respect of the QB community as the growth of the language and the tools available to it extends to the second generation of QB programmers.

The NeoBasic Site of the Month awards started in July 2000, in which V Planet was NeoBasic's first recipient. With NeoBasic's knowledge, and the endless number of QB sites its members must have seen in the course of NeoBasic's roots as Simply QB and Neozones to its current state as one of the most popular QB sites today, it is certainly a great honor for V Planet to be the first to receive the NeoBasic Site of the Month award. As the first recipient, we will try hard to ensure that a high standard is set for this award. And the only way to do that, and to do NeoBasic proud, is by continuing to work our hardest on this site.

QQN/Future Software Worth-a-Glance Award
In 1999, Future Software took over as the largest QB file archive on the Internet. It's list of over 1000+ files available for download is unrivalled, and as a result of this and the clever acquisition of the domain name, Future Software has celebrated much popularity among QB programmers of all levels.

However, maintaining and updating such a massive file archive is a tremendous responsibility, and as a result some of Future Software's features were passed over to other QB sites. Among these responsibilities were the Future Software site reviews, which were famous for their incredibly prestigious "Creme de la Creme" awards. This award, which could only be achieved through an e-mailed request and review, allowed QB site developers to compare their efforts with the best QB sites among the community.

When Future Software ceased from doing site reviews for this award, responsibility was passed to QBasic/Quickbasic News (QQN). Magus, Webmaster of this second site, had previously done reviews for the "Creme de la Creme" and therefore was the logical heir to the responsibility of giving site reviews.

In September 10, 2000, without need for e-mailed request, V Planet was reviewed in QQN to see if it was in contention for the coveted Future Software Creme de la Creme. To achieve Creme de la Creme status, the QB site being reviewed by Magus would have to pass a rigorous test involving links, content, appearance, downloads, and uniqueness. And while V Planet received impressive marks in most categories, a low mark in the Links category prevented V Planet from achieving "Creme" status.

However, with a score of 77 out of 100, V Planet did achieve the third tier of the Future Software site awards, the Worth-a-Glance Award. And just like any other badge of courage that comes with the sweat and toil of earning a QB award, the Worth-a-Glance Award is just as special and will be hoisted high and with pride. And while the award is also a reminder of some of the kinks in our armor, it is very appropriate that QQN gave us this is great award just before the V Planet website celebrates it's first birthday in September 23. And we promise that with the new year and renewed efforts, that we will aspire to someday be worthy of "Creme" status.

Statto Gold Code Award
During the year 2000, a group of underground journalists who used to run a sports newsletter decided that it was time to move their development towards the growing number of online communities. After searching through possible subjects for their new online endeavor, QuickBasic became the subject of the journalist's interests. And so, the underground newspaper Statto Sports Magazine became StattoNet. 

While StattoNet searched for links to add and files to include, they decided that site reviews would be the perfect addition to their QB magazine, giving them the opportunity to express their experiences through the many websites they've visited. The group put together a fifty-point rating system and went out, reviewing popular QB websites and putting them to the test. Many major QB sites were rated. NeoBasic, QBasic Paradise, Future Software, and QuickBasic News were among the websites dissected by StattoNet for review. In the end of the year 2000, it was QuickBasic News who won among the twenty websites, hailed by StattoNet as the "2000 QB Site of the Year".

It was at this point, upon visiting QuickBasic News, that we at V Planet discovered the existence of StattoNet. We mentioned both QuickBasic News and StattoNet during the December site report. Meanwhile, StattoNet was secretly reviewing V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine itself. We were e-mailed with the surprise score and an annoucement by StattoNet. V Planet is the winner of the first Statto Gold Code Award. To be the winner of the Statto Gold Code Award, a QB site must earn at least 48 out of 50 points in the Statto Grading Rubric; V Planet received a 48-point rating and therefore qualified for the award. Since StattoNet is one of the newer groups in the QB Community, it's an honor to be recognized by this new generation of QB journalists.

Piptol Productions Silver Star Award
Piptol Productions, most known for their QB racing game Ghini Run, decided to start their own QB site award, called the QB Star. This award would an all-or-nothing quality award given to the most outstanding QB websites, games, and persons ever seen on the Internet. So far, there are only two available ranks, the Gold Star and the Silver Star. Other ranks will be added should other members or projects in the QB community be recognized.

The Piptol Star Awards were first handed out to two QB groups in February 2001. The first site to receive the award was the programming team Enhanced Creations, who became the first QB coding group to receive the Gold Star. Enhanced Creations was recognized for being the engineers of the ever-popular QB game Wetspot, as well as creating the DirectQB graphics library that has become the backbone of many modern QB projects.

V Planet then became the first QB site to receive a QB star award, equal to the Silver Star rank. The Silver Star was handed to V Planet for its relentless coverage of QB games, and for helping create an environment for the growth of QB games through the QB Gaming Gold Awards and the QB Expo. V Planet was also honored for it's informative but stringent reviewing style, which we hope to try out someday when Piptol Productions finally finishes their racing game.

New Cyber Tech Award is best defined as a website providing links for the best in free web development. While New Cyber Tech concentrates on finding free utilities for Web developers, the database website also has an acquired taste for free videogames.

To earn the New Cyber Tech Award, a webmaster or a site visitor must submit a form requesting that a particular site be entered for the award. The people at New Cyber Tech then visit the site to see if it is a scamless and informative site worthy of receiving the award. In the case of V Planet, an anonymous site visitor shared the URL of V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine to New Cyber Tech. The judges visited our site, were impressed, and rewarded us with the New Cyber Tech Award on September 17, 2001.

Interestingly enough, New Cyber Tech offers seven versions of the New Cyber Tech Award. None of the New Cyber Tech Awards are in higher rankings than the others and are merely graphic variations of the award, to which the V Planet staff was free to choose which New Cyber Tech Award we preferred. The design shown on this page is the New Cyber Tech Award, Design #2.

Pete's QBasic/QuickBasic Site Five Star Site Award
As one of the first online QB magazines and the first QB reviews site, Pete's QBasic Site is a pioneer among QB sites, and one of the gold standards for all other programming sites to follow.

Along with it's massive news, reviews, and tutorials sections, Pete's QBasic Site is home to the largest active QB links section on the Internet. Along with this links section is the Must See! series of awards, given to the most spectacular QB sites seen from 1998 to 2000.

With it's reopening in 2004, Pete's QBasic Site started a new site award to recognize a new generation of QB sites, starting with the Five Star Award. After over 300 sites were evaluated, V Planet became one of only two sites to be ushered in with this new award. The other site to have the honor, QBasic/QuickBasic News, is the most prominent QBasic news site in the world.

Awards You Can Get From V Planet

QB Gaming Gold Awards
Unlike most awards, this award goes to the QB games, not the QB sites! The QB Gaming Gold Awards is held annually from November to January to give QB gamers the opportunity to vote for their favorite QB games. Voters get to choose possible winners for twelve categories and the winners are posted on the Official Gaming Gold Awards Site, which is sponsored by V Planet! and Future Software's Startpage.

The following games have won the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards:

Wetspot 2, Enhanced Creations  (Game of the Year, Best Arcade Game, Best Programming Team)
Shadow of Power, Master Creating (Best RPG, Best Graphics in a Video Game)
Wrath of Sona, Lost Sock Software (Gaming Gold Generations Award)
Kids of Karendow, PHAT Games (Best Original Music, Best Story)
Monospace, Milo Sedlacek (Best Sound Effects/Best Sound Editing)
MiniRPG 3, JawsVSoft (Best Gaming Hunk)
Cookie Delivery, JawsVSoft (Best Gaming Babe)

In addition to these awards, the person who won the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Gaming Legend award is Milo Sedlacek.

The following games have won the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards:

Mysterious Song, Darkness Ethereal  (Game of the Year, Best RPG, Best Graphics in a Video Game, Best Original Music, and Best Story)
Ultimate Super Stack, Oren Bartal (Best Sound Effects/Best Sound Editing, Best Puzzle Game)
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of A Revolution, PHAT Games (Best Programming Team, Best Gaming Babe)
Suds Skin, Bulma Produktions/Master Creating (Best Gaming Babe)
The ARC Legacy, Abstract Productions (Best Gaming Hunk)
Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter, Sasha Vukelich (Best Arcade Game)
Sonic Xtreme Version 7, QBasic Central (Best Platform Game)
Ghini Run Expo Edition, Piptol Productions (Gaming Gold Generations Award)

The person who won the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Gaming Legend award is Nekrophidius.

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