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Updated November 20, 2004

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Interested in getting a QB game reviewed? V Planet is the leader in the masochism necessary to trudge through the toughest, the longest, and the best of what QB games have to offer. Here's a guide to how to send your game to us for reviewing.

What's So Good About Getting Your Game Reviewed
How to Submit Game Reviews
Our Fool-Proof Game Update Policy
The One Thing V Planet Will Never Do

What's So Good About Getting Your Game Reviewed

Do you say to yourself things like "I wrote a QB game or two, but they're not that good..." or "I made a QB game and it's the absolute best, but how can I really know?" Did you turn in these projects only to get scores like 9/10 or ***** with a lot of ambiguity, or the feeling like the reviewer who reviewed your game just took one glance at it before chucking it at the wall?

At V Planet!, we don't fool around with QB games. We'll play the game the whole way through whether we hate it or not (because all games are like movies; they have their good parts and bad parts.) Then, we put the game through a rigorous 35-point rating system that checks out for everything from the technical brilliance of your game to the tiny details that make a game special (Fun Factor, Gameplay, and Replay Value). Because this is an especially difficult rating system, every game really does get ranked in order, and the best of the best (despite Favoritism and what-not) end up being on top of our Review lists.

For getting your game reviewed, your program will also be eternally posted on the V Planet! Review game list in the appropriate genre, where a link to your site and your mailbox will be up and ready for the public. You'll also get a full review of your game on our site, with our screenshots, audience ratings, game description, and score charts (that's right! All games get equal treatment at V Planet.) All in all, a great deal! An honest opinion of your game and a great promotion for your site! V Planet and you! A perfect team!

How to Submit Game Reviews

If you have a QB game and you'd like us to review it for you, all you have to do is e-mail us your game or send us an e-mail where we can find your game and download it.

Of course, your game does have to abide the following rules before it can qualify for reviewing:

1) You are free to use any number of other programming languages and QB-compatible libraries in the making of your product, as long as the main part of the code is written in QB. In other words, if less than 10% of the total code you wrote for your game was written in QB, it's probably not a QB game.

2) Your game must be playable and solvable. Simply put, the game doesn't necessarily have to be complete, it just has to be a game with a way to win and a way to lose. This, for the most part, disqualifies tile and graphics demos.

3) Finally, you have the choice of submitting your project as an executable (EXE) file, as (BAS) source code, or a combination of both. Executable files are the ideal choice for gamers, who may not have a version of Microsoft QuickBasic handy. On the other hand, BAS source code is the preferred choice for QB programmers who may like a programming tip or two by checking out your code.

Acceptable e-mails for game submissions include:

Note: Because of limited mailbox space, if possible please send URLs to places where we can download your game, instead of attaching the actual game files with your e-mail. If this isn't possible, please send your game submissions to (the editor's mailbox.)

Our Fool-Proof Game Update Policy

Let's face it; inside the heart of every game programmer is a perfectionist, in search of the perfect gaming experience. Sometimes, new innovations arrive long after the original game is released, and these new additions create a new version of a game that programmers want the entire world to enjoy.

Effective October 6, 2001, V Planet is offering a special Game Update policy for QB programmers interested in submitting new versions of games that have already been reviewed by V Planet. From now on, such submissions will be uploaded to V Planet during the following update, with the following line added to the game's download information:

"The following review is for an older version of this game."

Once V Planet is able to re-review the submitted product, this comment will be deleted.

Note: Programmers who have submitted a newer version of their game for re-review at V Planet before October 6, 2001 should resend their game for resubmission to take advantage of this new policy.

The one thing V Planet will never do

We will not take credit for any game you submit to us, nor will we sell your product for the sake of our profit or give it to some other scum so they can sell it. Ok, that's actually two things V Planet will never do. But that's a promise because we know how it's like for people to rip code from each other from personal experience. And it sucks. So 'nuff said.

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