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Updated November 20, 2004

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Game Guides
Wow! So far we've written 16 informative and useful Game Guides.

Welcome to our newest section at V Planet!, the Game Guides section! In this special place we've built up strategy guides for some of the more difficult QB games in the industry. If you're having trouble trying to beat a QB game or figuring out a QB game secret, please e-mail us at vplanet AT digitalblackie DOT com and we'll write up a Game Guide in this section just for you. Also, if you're stumped and we don't know the answer either, we'll contact the makers of the game and ask for help.

So it's a win/win situation! More Game Guides will be coming soon.
Name Author
ARC Legacy, First Part Walkthrough Abstract Productions
Chicken Jockey, Winning Strategies Hafiz Kassam
Columns v1.1, Making Your Own Graphics Skin Autumn Springs Entertainment
FoX v1.00, Survival Guide Terminator_Z and White Shadow
Johnny Abbott's Sex Adventure II: Part I Walkthrough BULMA Produktions
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution, Escape From Pandaka Prison PHAT Games
Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution, The Obidwaa War PHAT Games
Kingdoms: Getting Started
Piptol Productions
MiniRPG 1 Board Game, Game Rules JawsVSoft
Mysterious Song, First Part Walkthrough Darkness Ethereal
Pong Battle Royal v1.5 Game Guide, Vehicle Selection Budfish Software
Puzzle Bomber, Game Rules Hyper Anime Studios
Raven: The Yoyo Commando Game Guide, Level One: ExoSlug V Games
Riders of Rohan: Game Walkthrough, Part 1 Jocke The Beast
Sailor Moon Puzzle Game, Playing Techniques V Games
Sonic Xtreme, Downloading Game Levels QBasic Central

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This is an archive of V Planet, circa November 2004, when the site was last active. This is read-only, and preserved here as part of the QB Zines Archive at Pete's QB Site.

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