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Updated November 20, 2004

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Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution, Escape from Pandaka Prison

For a videogame, a spoiler can be one of two things. The more common kind of spoiler is the one where somebody reveals to you part of the game's plot while trying to explain how to beat a certain part of the game, and this game guide for Kids of Karendow: Chapter 1 will inevitably do that. But more importantly, this Game Guide will beat the second type of spoiler that occurs all too often in videogames. What if there's a part that's so hard, or at least with so many things to think about, that it's tough to get out of and possibly "spoils" the rest of the game for some gamers?

In the beginning of Kids of Karendow, you have to escape a pretty intimidating prison. If you're not familiar with the rules of battle, it can be pretty tough knowing just what to do. So this game guide is designed to help you get a quick start through the very beginning of Kids of Karendow, so you can reach the first town and do all the cool stuff (like shopping, adventuring, and mini-gaming!) We promise not to spoil too much of the story, but we will give valuable gaming tips. If you want to discover them on your own, then click out of this article. Otherwise, let's get out of Pandaka Prison and begin our adventure!

You'll start the game at floor 3 of Pandaka Prison. The first step to getting out of the prison alive is to not get intimidated by the many doors that require key cards. It will take many hours of adventuring elsewhere before you ever get to open these doors. But you have to keep searching all over the place so you can have the resources necessary to escape. Try looking to the eastern end of Floor 3 first.

You should be able to find some painkillers near the end of the eastern path. Once you get all the painkillers and krupals you need (krupals are the currency in Kids of Karendow), travel back west and go south to enter Floor 2.

As you're walking around the prison, you'll have to battle any assorted minions. As a rule of thumb, concentrate all your power on one creature until the bar at the bottom turns yellow. This indicates that your next attack will be extra powerful, so aim it at an enemy that isn't greatly hurt, kill that, then return to the dying creature you were smashing at earlier. This will allow you to take out enemies quicker. In fact, when you use an offensive magic spell when the bar is yellow, your magic attack will also be extra strong!

Another good tip is to never fear losing magic as you forge ahead, but use it intelligently. In the beginning of the game, you'll have three spells: Kir-Flam (Elmo's fire attack), Kir-Terstral (Elmo's healing spell), and Kir-Arone (Telly's devastating Earthquake attack). Use Kir-Terstral to give back HP when you're running low, Kir-Arone as an offensive spell when you're outnumbered in battle, and Kir-Flam as a last resort. If you can earn enough experience points, you'll reach the next experience level and your HP and MP will max out.

You'll find the Exit Key Card at the south end of Floor 2. Use the key card on the door just east of it, and you'll find a portal leading to Floor 1. Don't waste any painkillers or magic refilling needles trying to heal yourself if your HP is low. Try using the magic spell Kir-Terstral instead since your MP will refill when Elmo reaches Level 2.

Another useful item you'll find is the dynamite, which can be found near the exit of the prison. Upon entering the portal back to Floor 1, you'll see four paths, one in each direction. Take the western path to find the dynamite, then take the southern path to reach the end of the prison.

At the end of the prison, you'll find a terrifying giant squid defending the exit of the prison! You're going to have to use some strategy to win here, and it's best when both Elmo and Telly have reached Experience Level 4. The key here is to knock out the tentacles first. Concentrate on the first tentacle using Elmo's wooden sword and Telly's Kir-Arone attack, then repeat the same process on the second tentacle. If you're really low on HP, use painkillers. Once the giant squid is the only thing left,  have Elmo use his Kir-Flam attack, Telly use the Kir-Arone attack, and apply some Magic Refilling Needles when you're low on MP. If you've used up all your painkillers, use Elmo's Kir-Terstral healing spell to get back some needed HP.

If you're having an especially tough time against the giant squid, try tossing the stick of dynamite you found to take out one of the tentacles early on. That will reduce the giant squid's ability to heal itself. Also, try to use Kir-Flam and Kir-Arone attacks when your character's bar is yellow. This maximizes the power of your magic spell.

After beating the giant squid, you'll be outside the prison. From there it's a trip southwest to a very strange town called Poogal. You'll discover all this goodness about babies, talking inanimate objects, and the Karendow Resistance... you'll even meet a new kid who's very interested in joining your party! But we've guided you through Pandaa Prison; from here you're on your own! Join us in the future when we reveal a second Game Guide regarding the new parts of Kids of Karendow: Chapter One. Until then, good luck!

Kids of Karendow Game Guide Written by Vance Velez

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