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Updated November 20, 2004

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Puzzle Bomber, Game Rules

Hyper Anime Studio's QB puzzle game Puzzle Bomber is not what you've come to expect from a conventional puzzle game. There are no Tetris-style blocks to guide, no tiles to switch around, and there are no keys to collect or doors to open. Even in referrence to the title, "Puzzle Bomber", this fascanating game has absolutely none of the gameplay elements of Hudson Soft's popular video game series Bomberman! So just how do you play Puzzle Bomber? That's what this game guide is here to cover.

From left to right: The orange bomb, the green bomb, the blue bomb, the purple bomb, and the dragon ball.

In Puzzle Bomber, you take on the role of a female bomber named Suzie. Your mission is to blow up the "dragon balls" (don't confuse this with Dragon Ball Z) by throwing your colored explosives at the dragon ball. On contact, the dragon ball will explode!

Now before you get all trigger happy, let's learn how to throw a bomb. There are two things you can adjust before you throw a bomb: Suzie's angle, and Suzie's power.

To adjust the angle of your throw, press up or down on the keyboard to adjust the angle meter. If you throw with a low angle meter, you'll probably get a throw that goes straight. If you throw bomb with a lot of angle, the bomb will probably go upward.

As a tip, this is probably the best angle setting you can choose. If you set the angle meter to about this length, you'll be able to throw a nice 35-40 degree arc that fly both upward and straight, allowing you to cover a lot more ground when you throw a bomb (which means you're more likely to hit a dragon ball!)

Now let's work on your power. To control the power gauge, press left and right on the keyboard. Pressing left will increase your power, while pressing right will decrease your power (not the other way around!) The more power you use, the further out your bomb will go. Too much power and your bomb will fly over the screen. Too little power and your bomb will fall straight down with a thud.

Now let's apply these throwing skills to the game. See the dragon ball in the pile of defused bombs? You can't miss it; dragon balls are orange and are marked with three red stars. Remember: This is where you have to aim your bomb. So, the first step is to fill the angle gauge to the 35-40 degree angle.

Now you need to adjust Suzie's power. But how much do you need? A good reference is comparing the screen to your power gauge. This isn't substitute for practice, but by using the 35-40 degree angle you can get pretty close everytime. When you're ready to toss the bomb, press space.

There, you see? Works like a charm!

Now let's take a look at a possible second scenario. Note that in this case the dragon ball is nestled under some defused bombs! That means you have to clear the defused bombs before you can nab the dragon ball. This is where it gets tricky; you can only make a defused bomb explode by blowing it up with a bomb of the same color. Luckily, Suzie's holding an orange bomb... let's take advantage by clearing those defused bombs.

Again, let's compare the screen to the power guage. It looks like this is a good distance, and it turns out that the bomb will land right where the "X" is marked. It's a little further off but expected, but it still blows up those orange bombs blocking the dragon ball!

Since the bomb went really far last time, it's time to adjust the power meter somewhat so that you can catch the dragon ball. About this much power will get you the dragon ball!

So now you know about bombs, defused bombs, and dragon balls... but there's one more danger. If you toss a bomb and it doesn't blow up a dragon ball or a defused bomb of the right color, then the dragon will pick up your bomb, defuse it, and drop it on the field! In the process, this nasty dragon can cover up the field, making it more difficult for you to blow up the dragon ball!

To stop the dragon from making life a problem, patience is key. The only way to lose in Puzzle Bomber is when the song you hear in the backgrond ends, and even then it has to end three times in a stage before you get a game over. So as long as you aim your bombs slowly but surely, you'll win everytime. And just for kicks, try shooting a bomb directly at the dragon every now and then. If you land a hit (and it's a real skill shot), the dragon will burst in flames and you'll be free to toss as many as bombs as you want risk-free for about two quick seconds.

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