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Updated November 20, 2004

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The ARC Legacy, First Part Walkthrough

The ARC Legacy is just the first chapter in an RPG series being developed by Abstract Productions. But it's hard to enjoy the trilogy if you can't pass the first leg of your journey! V Planet gives you a step-by-step guide to the first few legs of this apocolyptic RPG.

Warning: From here on out we're giving away valuable gaming tips! If you don't want to spoil the game's secrets (along with quite a bit of the ARC Legacy's plot, read no further! Otherwise, we hope you find this trusty guide useful!
Step 1: Talk to the King
You start the game outside of the Town of Pruthe. Walk back into the town and head north until you see a moat. Cross the moat and you'll find the King's castle. It is here where you and your team of archaelogists learn of a mining operation located to the northeast.

Step 2: Get some Experience
The ARC Legacy is an experience-gathering kind of game, so you'll have to do a lot of battles in the beginning while staying pretty close to the Town of Pruthe. This is where Bokk is especially useful, since his wooden axe can take out most enemies in a single shot. Also, don't bother purchasing any Health Potions... you'll get the money you need to buy weapons a lot faster if you use Pruthe's local Inn (25 dollars) while using party member Malcolm's Recovery Ray. For 2 MP, having one of your allies get back his or her hitpoints can really be a big help.

Step 3: Gear Up
The low price of armors, especially the Knight Armor (500 dollars) and the Chain Mail (300 dollars) make them an especially attractive purchase for your party. Get the Knight Mail for Rydar first, then pass Rydar's Chain Mail to Kalrin or Malcolm. Then, buy a nice Heavy Axe (1000 dollars) for Rydar so you can pass Rydar's Iron Sword to Malcolm (whose first weapon is bare fists. 

Once your characters reach Level 4, your most useful purchase will be the Recovery Blast spell at the Spell Shop in Pruthe (400 dollars). This spell will allow you to heal all your party's wounds for a very economical 5 MP. After you buy the scroll that holds the item, give it to Malcolm. Your party will be fully ready when everyone's wearing Knight Armor, Rydar and Bokk are armed with Heavy Axes, while Kalrin and Malcom have Steel Swords.

Step 4: Excavate
Once you're ready to enter the Mine northeast of Pruthe (which should happen when your party reaches Level 7), your preparation will come in handy against the Zombies! Keep working your way down to the basement of this strange site, until you find a lone treasure chest near a machine. This is the artifact the King asked you to search for! Don't get too hasty though... another creature's lurking in the treasure chest (a grey shadow), so make sure you've healed all your wounds before trying to open the chest.

Step 5: Return to Pruthe
Give the artifact you found to the King. You'll be forced out of the castle, and as you step away the castle will explode. Since you were the last person to enter the castle, you will be accused of attacking the king, and you'll be banished from Pruthe forever!

Step 6: The Port Town of Zydni
If you start travelling northwest of Pruthe, you'll find a tiny port town at the region's coast. This is the town of Zydni, and a critical turning point in your journey. In this town you'll find a new item at the Armor store called the Super Health Potion. Purchase as many of these as you can with your remaining money, since this is a very valuable healing item at an extremely low price (300 dollars each!) You won't regret it later.

Step 7: King Zydni's Chamber
After spending all of your money, head to the castle at the northeast corner of Zydni. In the castle, take the right path so you can talk to King Zydni. Congratulations! You've reached a very critical point in the ARC Legacy, but from here you're on your own (we can't spoil all of the game's surprises.) But now you have some extra battle knowledge which will come in handy later on. Good luck, brave archaeologists!

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