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Updated November 20, 2004

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Johnny Abbot's Sexy Adventures II - Part I Walkthrough

Note: Johnny Abbot's Sexy Adventures II is rated "A" (Adults Only). That means that nobody under 18 years of age should be playing this game. That being said, this game guide has been toned down a little so it doesn't offend anybody or give too much of the game away. Now enjoy :) 

The Story
Last year you had a very pleasant adventure. You met a lot of interesting people, especially María, with whom you enjoyed a very intimate moment. But this summer you have run out of money, so you cannot repeat the experience. It seems that you will have to pick up girls the traditional way. And, for that matter, you will have to pick traditional girls.

The Summer comes to its end, and you haven't done anything interesting (it's even worse than last year's conquests at Hotel Soho). But fortunately, just some days before the tragedy, you receive a letter. It's from María! Very excited, you open your old friend's letter and find an invitation to spend a Weekend at her house! Wow, that's what I call good luck! You pack your things as fast as you can and take your ol' fashioned car (not only in the look but also in the lame engine...!). After two hours you arrive to a big house located in a high society residential suburb. Wow! You couldn't imagine María being that rich!

Level 1: Yoli. The Swimming Pool.

The first place you are in is a location just in front of María's house front door. The only thing you can do here is examining whatever you like, or being intelligent and play the door bell.

You play the door bell. Soon, a girl approaches. She introduces herself: She is Yoli, María's friend who is spending a few days at the house (just like you). She explains to you that María isn't at home, and invites you to wait for her refreshing at the swimming pool. It sounds good, you think! The only problem is that the door which leads from the kitchen to the swimming pool is closed and Yoli doesn't have the key. She tells you that she thinks that the key must be somewhere in the living room, so you go for it.

You enter the living room and find many things to examine. Examine the lamp (number 1) to find a little key which you can use to open (manipulate) the piece of furniture located opposite (number 2). There you'll find the key.

Okay, things are working quite well. You return to the kitchen and use the key in the lock, but it is full of oxyde and doesn't turn... What a pity! You need something to make it turn... look for it in the kitchen (use manipulate to open the cupboards). You'll find some Oil in a cupboard, which you use to lubricate the lock so the key turns and you both can enter the swimming pool.

Once there Yoli wants to have a refreshing bath but you argue that you don't have a swimsuit with you. She replies that it doesn't matter because she doesn't have one either. She gets naked and you do the same; now you have noticed that this girl likes you and you have to take profit of the situation!

(the images aren't censored in the game ;) )

Now be gentle and polite. I know you like her and cannot resist, but she isn't an object! You know that these adult films are totally false and that people should be treated as they are. So what you should do first is talk to her (you can also examine her, but it only will make her impatient: staring at her without talking isn't very polite, is it?)

She is very nice, and soon you get into a conversation. She talks about nature and the nudist way of life. You realize that that subjects are pretty important to her, so you talk about them as well as you can. She gets excited very soon as she likes you a lot, so you're ready for the action. Now it's up to you to please her. If you fail, please restart and try again. You won't win the game if you don't do things properly.

Once both of you are done (this is *very* important in this game!) keep lying a short while until you hear noise at the house's entrance. You'll both get dressed quickly and go to meet María, who has just arrived.

Level 2: Johnny meets María Again and knows her friend Ale.

You feel really happy when you meet María after a whole year, and she seems very glad too. You had a very special relationship at Soho Hotel, and it seems that none of you have forgotten the experiences lived. After María greets Yoli, she leads you to her bedroom.

Once there she admits that she can't wait anymore for a revival, so you must concentrate in your labor. Try to make your best, like ever. Don't disappoint her! She's been waiting for this moment for such a long time, just like you have.

Unfortunately, María is very busy and cannot stay with you. She says she'll meet you later, and tells you where your bedroom is. You enter it to unpack your things and you find a surprise: There's a really gorgeous blonde girl sitting in your bed. She looks stunning. "Wow", you think, "This house is full of surprises!". She introduces herself as Ale, María's Partner. They both live in the house together. She wanted to know you as María talked about you everyday. It seems that the girl likes you thanks to María, just like Yoli. It's good to have good publicity, you say to yourself.

With this girl you must be careful. You have to please her but at the same time be gentle with what you say because she's Marías Partner. She admits that she had been spying while you were in María's room with her. You must tell her that you hadn't see her for a long time and wanted to remember some feelings you had in the past, and also that when someone excites you, you work like an engine; she'll end up asking you if she excites you just like María does... Now it's your turn. Ale is a hard "opponent" and you'll have to apply all your techniques.

After some rounds, Ale says "Farewell". Now it's time to have lunch, so you exit your room, go downstairs to the hall, and enter the kitchen. There you meet your friends María, Ale and Yoli, where they gossip about you. You also meet a new girl named Lori, who works as a physiotherapist in a female beach volley club in Jini, a little village 3 miles further. María tells you about her wonderful massages, and encourages you to try it. After some gossip between Yoli and Ale, Lori accepts. She'll visit you in your bedroom later. That is, after you have lunch with your friends, talking about many diverse subjects.

Level 3: Lori's Massage

The chat extends till 5:30. At that hour, you feel tired and go to your bedroom to relax. At six o'clock Lori knocks on your door. You let her in. She brings the necessary things to give you a good massage. She looks wonderful, only wearing a translucent gown over her bikini swimsuit.

While she works, you cannot avoid staring at her wonderful anatomy, and she catches you in the act. Be gentle and tell her that it has been because the clothes she wears make her very beautiful. She'll be afraid of being too provocative, then blame yourself, and then congratulate her for her good massage. After that, she'll continue with her labour. A couple of minutes pass; she looks thoughtful. By the sudden, she asks you if you really find her so attractive... And now it's your turn again. Keep in mind that a masseuse is very exigent!

During your experience, Yoli will talk you about her labour. Again, listen to everything she says and be intelligent in your answers. And remember, she kinda loves herself, so be very gentle.

Once you both have finished, you both dress up and go downstairs. There, you meet Yoli again. She tells you that María has gone, but that she has said that you should meet her at the beach at seven o'clock, near the cliff.

Level 4: The Beach

Well, you don't know the beach, so the best solution is to ask somebody. You ask two swimmers you find sunbathing. They look very polite and tell you about a big party held at the beach.

The cliff is to the left, but you have time enough and you go to the right, leading to the party. The party is about a film which is gonna be released soon. There's an interview with it's female stars, which get naked. You are late, so you leave the place and walk to the cliffs. In your way, you meet lots of pretty girls. The beach isn't nudist de facto, but many people are naked. Almost everyone is beautiful, this place is like a small paradise.

María has not arrived yet, but you find a girl sunbathing. You approach her. She looks very friendly, also she is really beautiful. You introduce yourself as a friend of María, and she does the same. Her name is Ani. She complains about her boyfriend, 'cause he flies away when it comes to sex. She says that she is even physically suffering for that lack of sex. She shows off telling that she has a rash. You see nothing in her lips, but you leave it going and tell her that she has a little irritation. She tells you that she has a cremme for that kind of irritation in her bag. You take it and apply over the zone. Be careful not to apply cremme over an incorrect zone. Just put it where she has said ;-) .

When you're done, you continue talking. She says that she's sure about the origin of the irritation: Is that boyfriend of her which doesn't even look at her when she's naked. She's wondering if her boyfriend is frigid or homosexual. You advise her to have sex with someone else. And there's nobody but you near so...

When Ani's gone, María arrives with someone else. Her name is Natalia.You play a while in the water, but soon María has to go again. This leaves you and Natalia alone. She asks if you mind if she sunbathes naked. You agree, promising not to look, but you can not resist and finish looking at her.

Natalia catches you in the act! You tell her that it was an accident but she doesn't believe you. Soon you realize that she's way too liberal, and take it in profit. You talk about sex and hypocrasy, about how people think sex as a bad thing when it doesn't cause any harm and there're things like fire arms, violence, war... which everyone accepts! And as a liberal couple, you decide to lie together.

The action is really hard, and it leaves you really tired. Natalia goes walking by the shore, and you decide to stay a while, relaxing after a very long day.

End of 1st Part
Written by Clarita López, (C) Bulma Produktions 2001

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