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Updated November 20, 2004

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Sailor Moon Puzzle Game, Playing Techniques

The object of playing Saior Moon Puzzle Game is to score points by forming consecutive rows of blocks (blocks of the same color). You have to form these rows by shifting the blocks you have available around. If you clear at least one row before time runs out, the row of matching blocks will disappear and your timer will refill. If you don't clear anything before the timer runs out, the blocks you have to take out will grow in number!

The purpose of this game guide is to give you some techniques that will improve your score. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced player, here are the tricks of the trade you need to pull to get all the bonus points you need.

Beginning Technique: Forming Single Rows

Okay, here's a look at a typical group of blocks you may get at the beginning of a round of Sailor Moon Puzzle game. The first thing you want to do is find a good row that you want to clear. The clump of red blocks look good; you can sort that out quickly.

Notice how movement is reduced by concentrating on one color. As the red row is formed, note that the two bottom red blocks of the row were there from the beginning; it's a good idea to try to form a row that's already partially together. And once you have a clean single row, press ENTER to force the timer to run out. The row will disappear you'll probably get between 200-300 points for this clearing this row.

Intermediate Technique: Forming Multiple Rows

Try to look for the one row you know you can handle quickly first, then work around that row.

Once you've mastered the art of forming single rows, now's the time to put that timer into good use by trying to form multiple rows! The key to forming multiple rows is taking care of one color at a time. By the blocks given above, it looks like it's a good idea to form a row of red blocks first. Then, instead of hitting enter to clear the row, you can use the remaining time on the timer to form more rows of blocks.

Here's this Intermediate technique in action. Note that steps 1-4 were all about forming that red row of blocks. Once that red row is established, it looks like there's enough time to form a blue row of blocks (steps 4-6). Not surprisingly, a row of green blocks can be formed in between the red row and the blue row. Using the remaining time, this green row is formed accordingly (step 7).

Now when the timer runs out, this is how the action looks like. Note that in steps 1-2, the red, blue, and green blocks we formed disappear. But once these tows disappear, a row of orange blocks are formed and they too disappear! (Step 3) This extra burst of luck, which happens quite often when you're playing with this Intermediate technique, may even cause all the blocks to disappear (step 4).

Notice the gigantic point difference between forming single rows and forming multiple rows. We were particularly lucky with this combination because usually using an Intermediate technique will get you around 10,000-15,000 points per combination. But if you're looking for a more consistent way to get big points, then look below for the Advanced technique!

Advanced Technique: Forming Rows in the Corners

While the game's pace is slow, now is to take advantage of forming large combos.

One of the best techniques for clearing rows quickly in a relatively short time (which coincidentally gives you the most bonus points) is a technique where you try to form rows in the corners. The idea is to try to form a row at one of the edges of the cube first, then to work your way to forming rows in the center of the cube before time runs out. If you do it right, you should be able to clear all the blocks before time runs out, giving you big points!

The diagram shown above shows the "forming rows in the corner" trick in action. Note how in step 2 a row of blue blocks was formed in the top row. Then, in step 3, a row of orange blocks is formed just below the row of blue blocks. This pattern continues until all the blocks are organized in this pinwheel-like pattern.

Now when the time runs out, all the blocks will clear! Note the gigantic point bonuses that result from using the advanced technique. In Step 3, all three of the rows cleared will give 4800 points each!

Above, you can see just how intimidating a single corner combo can be. Remember that before the combo, we haven't scored any points yet. 24,405 points after one combo in any game ain't too shabby, if you know what I mean!

Really Advanced Technique: Monster Combo

While the game's pace is slow, now is to take advantage of forming large combos.

If you're really used to forming rows in the corners, we're assuming that only then are you agile enough to perform this very difficult manuvuer! Monster combos are formed by putting blocks in a fair position for a combo without actually forming one, pressing ENTER to make the pile of blocks larger, then quickly rearranging the blocks again until there's a near-combo. When you get the pile to be very large but organized, use your time to orient the blocks into a gigantic combo!

Here's how to do a Monster combo. From step 1-2 the blocks are quickly sorted so that several near-rows are formed in the corners (but no full row is made). In step 3, after pressing enter the pile grows bigger. All the red blocks are immediately clumped to the left, all the blue blocks are placed on top, and the remaining time is used to put all the orange and green blocks relatively close to each other. In step 4, the enter key is pressed again. This time, we use the advanced technique to form a gigantic combo that works its way to the single red block in the middle. This combo will be huge!

Notice that although the Monster Combo is slightly more difficult to pull than forming rows around the corners, the payoff for pulling a single Monster Combo is huge. With 46,515 points for a single combo, this final technique will easily make you an absolute pro!

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