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Updated November 20, 2004

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Chicken Jockey, Winning Strategies

As the new QB strategy game Chicken Jockey proves, it's not easy being a chicken breeder. You have to know when to buy chicken feed, when to trade chickens with other farmers, and how to bet in chicken races and in cockfights. You have to be smart in the market, in the black market, and in the bank, but most importantly you have to raise the chickens you buy with love and focus.

But when you play this game, you will realize that raising a chicken into a great cockfighter or racer can be a lot of fun! And why not... Chicken Jockey offers tons of options, from smart money-management techniques to the ever-entertaining art of training your chickens into fighting form. And between the gambling, the managing, and the Pokemon-like battles, Chicken Jockey is an original strategy game that has a little bit of everything.

The emphasis of this Game Guide is teaching you all the ways you can get big money in the farming business as you play Chicken Jockey, along with some expert advice based on our play-through of the game. So if you've downloaded Chicken Jockey and you want some expert advice on how to raise your chickens, this Game Guide is the best place to go... so let's get started!

Getting a loan early on will allow you to invest a great chicken without having to break a leg in the market.

Step #1: Set Up Your Finances

Once you start up a game of Chicken Jockey, you'll notice that you don't have any chickens to start. You have to at least purchase one chicken, or else you won't be able to participate in chicken battles, races, or trades. And once you have a chicken, you have to make sure that that chicken can make money for the farm.

There are two good techniques here. One technique is to purchase the best chicken you can from the market. You won't be able to do it without first checking your finances and taking out a loan, since the best chickens can cost as much as $150 and up (and you start with only $100). The advantage of buying a strong chicken is that you won't have to train it so hard before you develop a good racer. The bad news is that you'll have a hard time trying to figure out how to bet in chicken races and chicken battles, since the best chicken you can buy will probably start out with about the same fighting ability as the best chickens on the board. It gets kinda iffy when you have to bet on a match between two chickens of equal ability.

On the other hand, you could always purchase the worst chicken you can possibly find, then use the extra money from a loan to enter chicken battles, all while intentionally betting against your own chicken. The good news about this tactic is that you're more likely to win when you gamble in cockfights or in chicken races. The bad news is that your chicken gets disheartened with every loss, so it wil be more difficult to train.

While each chicken's stats vary, try to purchase a chicken with balanced attributes; they're a little easier to train.

Step #2: Get Your Chicken Fighting Fit

Once you've planned your finances and chose with chicken best fits your fighting plan, use the remaining money from the loan to train your chicken so you can win some battles. Leave at least $25-30 in your pocket before going to the cockfight so you'll have some money left to work with. Otherwise, use the rest of the money at the Chicken Gym. While there, there are plenty of programs to choose from.

It's a good idea to train your chicken for cockfighting skills first. That means you need to work on increasing your chicken's brute, evil, and fitness rating. The best ways to improve these ratings are to take your chicken to the sparring room or to the weight room... both of these rooms can be accessed using the Chicken Gym.

If you'd rather work on your chicken's speed and stride ratings, a good place to go is the treadmills or the Aerobics room. You should have the Spa and Massage for instances when your chicken gets sick, or if it has won a battle and you want to reward it for it's victory.

A few words of advice. When training your chicken, it's always best to choose Thorough training unless you can't afford it or you want to set aside money to gamble on a race or a cockfight. Also, the best treatment for any chicken early on is the Works training program, where all of your chicken's attributes are improved. At $90 a day though, the Works can be a very costly program to upkeep.

A chicken's brute, evil, fitness, and aggressiveness rating play into every cockfight, with a variable of luck put in.

Step #3: Cockfight Your Way to the Top

One way to get some quick money in Chicken Jockey is to enter your chicken into a cockfight. To enter one of your chickens into the competition, select Cock Fight Pit. You can only enter one chicken at a time, so if you want to make sure you have a winning bet, pick one of your really good chickens and bet in your chicken's favor, or pick one of your worst chickens and bet against your own chicken. Either way, you're going to win some big money!

When betting, always bet the maximum of $50. You're going to need plenty of money to bet in future races as well as train your chickens (especially since you have to train your chickens harder than anyone else!) The secret to victory? If you make sure your own chicken is incredibly weak or incredibly strong, you can always tilt the bet in your favor.

A word of advice; don't try watching matches to win cock-fighting money. It's hard to guess how two computer-controlled chickens will fight because every chicken kept by the computer AI gains strength at about the same rate. But if you have to get money this way, look at each chicken's stats carefully. Then, make a safer bet until you can enter one of your chickens in the cockfight.

With each successful race and cockfight, you can use your money to breed chickens or buy new chickens.

Step #4: Smart Business requires Maintenence

As you get money from the cockfights, use the money wisely. Your first priority is to pay off that loan you had in the beginning of the game. Your second priority is to train your chicken. But, make sure you always have plenty of chicken feed too (buy Grade A or Grade B chicken feed for best results.) Another way to use your money is to buy or breed new chickens, but don't do this unless your first chicken is strong enough to keep the farm afloat and the economy strong.

To breed chickens, make sure you have one male chicken and one female chicken. When you select Breed Chickens you'll have a new chicken you can raise! But if you don't a male and female chicken, or if you already have three chickens (Chicken Jockey comes with a three chicken limit) then you can try buying or selling chickens so that you'll have some space. Note though that the market value of chickens are much lower than the amount of love you can give them. Personally I recommend hanging on to your chickens since it's likely that you'll do the best job with them!!

It's easy to spot a well-trained chicken in a chicken race.

Step #5: Enter Your Chicken In the Tournament

Once you've trained your chicken so that your stats are better than all the other chickens, select Race! and then bet on your chicken for the race. If you worked on your chicken hard enough, you should see an obvious difference as your chicken crosses the finish line. Enter enough races and you'll start up the CJA Tournament, the ultimate racing championship where the top sixteen chickens (including any of your chickens based on race rankings) race for the pride of their barn. Will your chicken come out on top? Hopefully this game guide will let you peck your way past the competition! 

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