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Updated November 20, 2004

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Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution, The Obidwaa War

If you've played Kids of Karendow all the way through before, you'll remember that the game ends a little bit after Elmo and Stain meet. Shortly after this part of the game, PHAT Kids revealed screenshots of a mysterious race of spider-like creatures called the Obidwaa. Now, if you download the latest version of Kids of Karendow, you'll encounter these mysterious Obidwaa and learn about the war that is occuring between these two races.

There's a good chance that what V Planet did here to get through the Obidwaa War is very, very wrong. But it some ways it can be very, very fun and gutsy. So feel free to post your own path through the Obidwaa War on our discussion board. Otherwise, let's get to this Game Guide so we can separate the KOK pros from the KOK rookies! This Game Guide ends just after Elmo and Stain stay the night in Delahar...

After a quick rest from Delahar, the first place you want to go is Naka Valley. Naka Valley is important because that's where you're going to find the translator you need to speak to the Blue and Black Obidwaa later on in the game. But Naka Valley is also pretty tough; make sure you stock up with at least thirty Pain Killers, twenty Extra Strength Pain Killers, twenty Magic Refilling Needles, and about fifteen antidotes from Delahar! This is not a waste of money! You will need all this stuff.

At the end of Naka Valley you're going to meet the brown Obidwaa! You have to defeat him to get the Obidwaa translator, and it won't be easy. Hand-to-hand combat doesn't do very well, and magic won't work well either unless your attack bar is yellow. So what you have to do is use Stain's Tergain spell to increase your party's agility. Now, use the "move" command to juggle your kids around to an offensive position until your attack bar turns yellow. Then, blast the Obidwaa with Elmo's Ura-Flam and Stain's Ura-Torn attacks!

If you're running low on HP during this boss, use Pain Killers (MP is too important to waste on a healing spell like Ura-Terstral.) Also, use Magic Refilling Needles (put more emphasis on Elmo since his Ura-Flam attack is especially painful).

After you beat the brown Obidwaa, you'll get the Obidwaa translator. Tempting as it would be to go to the Obidwaa settlements now, use the gold you earned from Naka valley to restock on your supply of Pain Killers, Magic Refilling Needles, and Antidotes first.

After a quick rest from Delahar, travel west to the Blue Obidwaa settlement. You'll find it west of Delahar, past the Naka Valley.

There are a lot of Obidwaa to talk to. If you're interested about the war between the blue and black Obidwaa tribes, talk to these people. Otherwise, pick up the pellet gun and the light cape you'll find  in the settlement's many treasure chests, then travel back to Delahar to re-stock on items. Go south of Delahar to reach the Black Obidwaa settlement. At the Black Obidwaa settlement, talk to the chief black obidwaa there. He will ask you to kill the chief Blue Obidwaa at the Blue Obidwaa settlement.  The evil chief will give you a Black Obidwaa if you carry out his services.

When you return to the Blue Obidwaa Settlement, the Blue Obidwaa will negotiate with you and ask you to reconsider. In return, Casper the Blue Obidwaa will join your party. As soon as the demo ends, you'll be at Foorskan Forest. Equip Casper with the Light Cape and Pellet gun (he'll be extra strong with those), then travel through the forest to reach the Black Obidwaa.

When you reach the Black Obidwaa training grounds, you'll discover just how insanely powerful the Obidwaa are. If you encounter any Black Obidwaa along the way, my advice to you is run... with your pathetic armor they can kill you in one hit, and you're going to have to find some armor in the training grounds to have a chance! For now, only battle if you see no Obidwaa on the field (other than Casper, of course).

Halfway into the Black Obidwaa training grounds, you'll find two treasure chests containing Spandex. Once you find both pairs, equip Elmo and Stain each with Spandex, which should give you enough defensive power to stand up against the Black Obidwaa. Now you can fight against the Black Obidwaa and their powerful weaponry.

Another place to watch for is the Healing post. You'll find it in the place shortly after the house of Spandex. If you need some experience before forging ahead in the battlefield, stay here and battle some obidwaa. Just steer clear of the black "hurting post" by the Black Obidwaa priest. Touching it will reduce your HP and MP to 1!

At the far south of the training grounds, you'll come face-to-face with the Black Obidwaa chief! To beat him and his guards, take out the guards first. Elmo's Sair-Mort attack should take care of the guards quickly. Next, use Stain's Tergain Spell to increase your party's agility. Now move all your kids to the front so your attacks can be more damaging. Finally, concentrate your magic refilling needles on Elmo, who can use his Ura-Flam attack to dent the Black Obidwaa chief while Stain hands out Pain Killers and uses his Ura-Torn attack if he has some MP handy. Casper should attack and heal Stain if Stain's bar isn't yellow. It's a battle of attrition; if you can hang on tight and your supplies are plentiful enough, the Black Obidwaa will go down and the war will be over!

After the party, exit the Blue Obidwaa setttlement and travel back to Delahar, which should be east of where you are. With all the krupals you collected in the Black Obidwaa training ground, stock up so that you have 99 Pain Killers and at least 30 Magic Refilling Needles! With the extra money you have at your pocket, it should be a bargain.

Now that you have Casper in your team, travel east of Delahar to the bridge. With an obidwaa in your party, you can pass the bridge. From here, the chapter of the Obidwaa wars (and therefore this Game Guide) comes to an end. But the adventure is far from over! You still have a new kid who's interested in joining your party, and you still have to make your way to King Karendow's castle! This next and final part of the adventure will be up to you... good luck!

Kids of Karendow Game Guide Written by Vance Velez

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