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Updated November 20, 2004

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MiniRPG 1 Board Game, Game Rules
Listen up, people! I'm Saurdox, King Banana's pet dragon. You're going to get a King's ransom if you can tie me up and send me back to the king where I belong. But this is the first time you've gone on a dragon hunt, MiniRPG 1 Board Game can get a little tricky! Let Saurdox teach you how to do dragon hunting right.

After talking to King Banana, the first step is to choose who you want to be in the dragon hunt. Basically these four people have equal abilities, so you should just pick who you like the most. But each of these characters have an added bonus at the beginning of the game that can help influence the game's outcome in the long run. So who to choose? Well, I'll help you out. (By the way, Mini RPG 1 Board Game is one-player only, so don't even ask about that! It gets a dragon like me peeved!)

The default choice is Change-V, the muscle of the group. Pick him if you want to have a weapon in the beginning of the game. But if this is your first time playing, I'd mosy to one of the other characters first. The guy to the furthest left is Rom, who starts with an elixir (automatically heals you to 10 HP if you run out of HP, very useful!) To Rom's right is Cindy, who is good because she has some extra magic power in the beginning, which she can use to zap an enemy if they get too close to her. Then finally there's Cookie, who starts with an extra five gold pieces. It's not much, but if you want to reduce the risk of not having enough money to go to the shop, then she's your best bet!

Anyway, to choose the character you want, push left and right on the keyboard and press the space bar when you've found the character you want to play. Now you're ready to start the game!

Ah! This is where I start the game, at the very center of the hexagon board, and this is where I'm going to stay until you or one of your friends try to fight me! Now, see the six squares that surrond me? These squares are dangerous territory, so they can't be entered without the help of the right item from the shop at the lower-right part of the game board!

Oh yeah, even if you do have the right item to cross one of these six squares, I still won't be easy pickings... you have to defeat the mini-boss that lives in these squares before you get to face me. So make sure you've got plenty of hit points when you decide to cross over to my side.

Now this is where you and your friends start the game, at the castle on the upper-left corner of the game board. You always get to go first before your friends, so make your turn count. If you decide to move you'll get to spin a roulette. The roulette will allow you to move one to three steps in any direction you choose. I would recommend going down and right, since that's where you'll find the shop that contains the items that you are required to buy to enter my lair.

If you don't want to move your character for one reason or another, you can choose to rest instead. Depending on a lucky roulette spin, you can gain anywhere from 1 to 3 hit points. This is where strategy is important. You don't want to go around with less than six hit points because it gets a little tricky to battle and win, but at the same time you don't want to rest too much and give your friends a chance to get to me before you do. Timing is the key, especially when you're on the way to the shop. Speaking of which...

This is the shop! Once you make it here, you can buy one of six items that you can use to pass the dangerous terrain that surrounds me. Depending on which of these items you buy, you can now make your way to the center of the map and go through the space with the symbol that matches your item. For example, if Cookie decided to buy the water, she'll have to go through the desert located to the upper-left of the space where I hang out. Take a look at the picture of me again on the board and you'll see that the water is a match. So, the item you buy will decide where'll you'll have to go to beat me!

A word of advice though. Don't bother buying the elixir. Not only is it the only item you can earn in battle, but elixirs are designed to revive you, not allow you to cross any of the spaces that surround me. It's great insurance, but you'll more likely find a free elixir on the way to battling me. So it's not really worth it.

So now you know just about everything about playing the game except how to battle. And you're going to need to battle well if you expect to beat me and bring me back to King Banana where I belong! You'll have to battle at the end of each turn where you decide to move, so pay attention.

When it's your turn, you'll have a choice of attacking or using a magic stone. Attacking is probably what you'll be doing most of the time, so let me give you some battle advice: learn how to use the roulette. Depending on how much power you use, the roulette will spin frequently to the same place. Now, if you land on a non-black space, you get to attack, hurt the opponent, and spin again. That's right! If you land a hit, you get to spin again until you miss. So practice how much power you need and you'll win every battle, every time.

Of course, if you want a 100% fool-proof way to hurt an opponent, this is where Cindy becomes a good choice for a character because she's the only character who has a magic stone in the beginning of the game. The others have to earn one in battle. Magic stones can only be used once and they'll disappear though, and they won't hurt me. So save one for the mini-boss instead! The magic stone when used properly can be a devastating attack.

So now you're probably asking, what do I get for winning a battle, Saurdox? Well, sometimes the enemy will drop a gold piece or even a moneybag (which is worth five gold pieces!!) You can't carry more than 10GP though, so make every gold piece count. Besides money, some enemies will drop elixirs, though some drop weapons that wil block certain enemy attacks if you're lucky.

By the way, in the event that you lose in battle, you get sent back to the castle and lose your turn! That's why it's pretty bad to lose a battle early in the game because you'll end up far away from the shop!

Oh by the way, there's one little thing I forgot to tell you about your adventure! After a while I start getting a little bored, so I get in on the action by using my paralyze attack! Basically I stare at a certain direction, and all the spaces I can see turn red. These red spaces are called the stare zone. If you or any of your friends are standing on the stare zone, or if you or one of your friends unwittingly walk into the stare zone, you lose your turn until I stop looking at you! So if you see me looking your way, change your route immediately or you'll get caught in my stare attack!

So, let's review. You battle for some gold, so you can go to the shop, so you can by an item that will let you fight the mini-boss at the center of the board! And if you beat the mini-boss, then you get to fight me!

And now you know how to be a dragon hunter on the MiniRPG 1 board game. Hope my pointers can get you started on this great game... what? You don't know where to download this board game? No problem! Click here.

Happy dragon hunting!

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