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Mini RPG 1 Board Game


"QB's mascots go at it Mario Party style!"

The King's pet dragon is loose on the MiniRPG world, and he's paying a gigantic bag of money to whoever can return the dragon to him on a leash. In response to the offer, four heroes and heroines have stepped up to the challenge, each armed with martial arts and other abilities that will help them to tame the dragon and bring peace back to the world.

Mini RPG 1 Board Game gives you the chance to take the role of Rom, Cindy, Change-V, or Cookie. Can you guide your favorite character through treacherous terrain and perilous battles before your friends reap the reward? Only one way to find out!

Graphics (n.)
The use of animation and visual effects to stimulate the senses
(Very Good)
Ever since MiniRPG 2, every single JawsVSoft game has taken place in sixteen-color mode. MiniRPG 1 Board Game breaks new bounds for JawsVSoft because the game takes place in beautiful VGA mode!

Many of the graphics in MiniRPG 1 Board Game come from PC company AscII's RPG School 95 game, with some tweaks here and there so that the sprites you see look just like all the people from JawsVSoft's games, including Rom, Change-V, Cookie, and Cindy. Some of the backgrounds are also supposed to come straight from RPG School.

What JawsVSoft did to compensate for this was change the graphics significantly enough that the game felt more like the MiniRPG series than any other computer game. Thanks to Eclipzer's Nexus-13 QB Library, MiniRPG 1 Board Game is as flicker-free and amazingly fluid as games of JawsVSoft's past. I was very surprised to see just how clean and close the animation is despite the fact that the graphics in MiniRPG 1 Board Game have increased significantly in detail and in color since I last saw these characters. Then there was more than that, as all the playing parts (roulette, magic weapons, etc.) are cleanly animated in that JawsVSoft way. A very good job.

Sound/Music (n.)
The smooth blend of atmospheric sounds and original harmonies
N/A This seems to be the one weakness that JawsVSoft games can not conquer, as MiniRPG 1 Board Game continues the coding group's streak of video games without sound or music. According to the text file, JawsVSoft really wanted to add some music, but the memory-intensive fluidity of the game's graphics limited some of the things that JawsVSoft wanted to do. Sound and music became the sacrifice for the rest of the aspects of the game. Still, I would have liked to hear just what music JawsVSoft had in mind... oh well, never hurts to pop in a CD of your favorite musician and listen to it while you play this board game for an hour or so.
Gameplay (n.)The precision of control and involvement of character within its universe vv
As all new board games go, MiniRPG 1 Board Game is pretty hard to learn at first (the rules are so new that we've written a game guide just to explain how to play the game by clicking here. If I had to summarize the gameplay in one sentence though, your mission is to beat the dragon in battle before everyone else.

Of course, since this game is part RPG/part board game, this will require some gold gathering a la RPG. Everytime your character moves about the board, he or she will encounter an enemy that must be fought for gold and other useful items.

The fights take place using a modified MiniRPG battle system. Unlike other MiniRPG games, you are free to attack the person as many times as you want until you miss. Then, the enemy gets a free hit. What is lost is the ability to heal the character in battle; what you gain is the ability to spin a roulette everytime you attack to determine how well your attack damages the opponent. With a little practice you can kill many enemies outright!

The board game part of MiniRPG 1 is the travelling that takes place when you have to move. Depending on the situation you'll have to visit the shop, return to the castle, or storm through treacherous terrain to defeat the dragon. The only difference between this and other RPGs is that it's all in board game format!

If there is one thing I didn't like about the gameplay, it's the fact that too much of the gameplay is watching the opponent play. MiniRPG 1 Board game is a one-player game only, with three computer opponents that take quite a while to finish their turns (you even have to watch them battle!) MiniRPG 1 Board game would have benefitted greatly if the game offered 1-4 player mode instead of one-player mode only, or perhaps there could be an option of cutting off viewing what the computer does more significantly than the options currently offered. Either way will get people more involved with the game and really make the gameplay shine.

Story (n.)
The creativity and presentation of the game's critical plot
(Very Good)
The main story of this game is to beat the pet dragon Saurdox so you can bring the dragon back to its owner, King Saurdox. Then there's that tiny little detail that the dragon is wreaking havoc upon the city while you're trying to pin it down.

The demos in MiniRPG 1 Board Game are great. A well-animated intro helps set up the game, and you'll even get a great ending sequence once the game is over based on which character brings the dragon back to King Saurdox. With four potential dragon hunters, thats four multiple endings for this RPG/Board Game! So, even though MiniRPG 1 Board Game has more board game elements than RPG elements, the game has more story substance than most traditional QBRPGs have.

Replay Value (n.)
The timelessness of the gamer's delight, such that the experience can be repeated again and again
An RPG with attack combinations and takes place on a game board while maintaining the pace of a Koei game... this is how best to describe the replay value of MiniRPG 1 Board Game. It's strange that so much replay value can be juiced up from a game that has no sound or music, but MiniRPG 1 Board Game pulls it off simply because there isn't another game like this in QB so far, and if there were a sizable number of games of this type in existence, MiniRPG 1 Board Game's original gameplay and pumped-up graphics would put it in the upper tier among them.

While the replay value is good because of the multiple endings and the learning process that takes place with the board game, more play options and a little more ambiance would benefit this game greatly. Translation: music and multiple-player mode please. It would be great to play this game with some friends and settle some competitive rivalries in QB fashion.

Challenge (v.)
To strike the mental nerve in such a way as to stimulate human thought and reflexes
If you're thinking about challenge, I wouldn't worry so much about the battling and making sure you're always healthy (though this is always a first priority in MiniRPG 1 Board Game). What I'd watch out for is your computer "friends", who have a pretty bright AI built into their system. If they beat the dragon before you do, then you're out of luck!

The best advice I can give you is to watch your computer friend's strategies the first time you play this game. Sure, sometimes the computer does something silly like walk in circles, but sometimes what the computer is up to actually makes sense and can be applied to your game. Eventually, if you put all the key strategies together, you'll be able to beat these computer opponents everytime.

Fun Factor (n.)
The overall entertainment value as maintained throughout the adventure
MiniRPG 1 Board Game is just at the border between being an RPG/Board Game and a Board/Adventure game. Frankly, the genre taken could have been interpreted either way since this game is a blend of so many concepts. But since V Planet doesn't have a Top Board Game list or a Top Adventure Game list, it was best for us to put this game in the Top RPG list with the rest of the MiniRPG series.

That being said, MiniRPG 1 Board Game may have departed even more from the rules of the traditional RPG by implementing Mario Party like elements into their RPG, but all in all the board game aspect of this game blends very well with the fighting system JawsVSoft made a long time ago when the MiniRPG games were first released. As a result, MniRPG 1 Board Game is fun in a different way, unlike the way most RPGs tend to go. Again, a 2P or 4P would make this game grand because then you'll get a lot of people into the game with that sense of competition to boot. And with each passing game the MiniRPGs seem to get even better.

Players 1 player Genre: RPG/Board Game
Rating To solve: 1-2 hours Final Rating: 18/35

To download this game, click here.
Installation Tip
wTo play MiniRPG 1 Board Game, unzip the file and run "BOARD.EXE".

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