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Updated November 20, 2004

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Pong: Battle Royal v1.5, Vehicle Selection

Budfish Software's Pong: Battle Royal game really takes Pong to new heights, since there are two ways to pummel your Computer controlled opponent! But how do you want to beat your foes? Do you want to out-play their pong game, or do you simply want to blow them to smithereens? Here's a description of the five key vehicles you get to choose from in the game, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Alex, the Human

To Win with the Human Pong Battle Vehicle, use your all-around abilities to move past your opponent's firepower while keeping your eye on the ball. Eventually your more powerful opponents will show off their weakness as long as you're persistent.

To Beat a Computer Human Pong Battle Vehicle, mix up your game. If you've got faster ammunition, fire as many shots as you can at the enemy. If you've got better speed, keep your eye on the ball.

Ba'Dak, the Arkan

To Win with the Arkan Pong Battle Vehicle, take advantage of your lightning blast. Your weapon is so fast and damaging that you can really cash in if you hit the ball while standing still, then, cash in some extra hits as your opponent is forced to go for the ball.

To Beat a Computer Arkan Pong Battle Vehicle, swing the ball in as steep an angle as possible. Not only will this give the slow Arkan vehicle a hard time catching the ball, but the Arkan will also have a tough time getting a lock on your faster Pong paddle.

Fa-Lu'Na, The Glod

To Win with the Glod Pong Battle Vehicle, always aim for the ball. If you can, shoot a missile at the ball as it heads toward you. This will cover the ball in a blue flame, making it extremely damaging to the opponent.

To Beat a Computer Glod Pong Battle Vehicle, fire at will. The Glod weapons are a lot slower than most vehicles, so you'll have lots of time to dodge enemy fire while giving a little payback of your own.

Model# A56FW, the Cybot

To Win with the Cybot Pong Battle Vehicle, take your slight speed advantage to consideration. In the long run, you can outserve a Bla'duf-ka and a Human opponent. For your more powerful opponents, bounce the ball all over the place and your opponent won't be able to get a fix on you.

To Beat a Computer Cybot Pong Battle Vehicle, fire some shots as a barrier. Make offense your initiative and eventually the Cybot will wear down.

Bla'duf-ka, the Kanan

To Win with the Kanan Pong Battle Vehicle, fire your plutonium spears. It's going to take some skill to win since you're pretty slow and the speed of your weapons isn't quite fast enough to trap your opponent. But, in a long match you can wear your opponent's shields.

To Beat a Computer Kanan Pong Battle Vehicle, take advantage of his slowness by firing plenty of shots to the left and right of his vehicle. Eventually the Kanan will be left between a rock and a hard place.

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