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Updated November 20, 2004

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Raven: The Yoyo Commando Game Guide, Level One

In Raven: The Yoyo Commando, beating level one is critical because it opens up the stage select feature in the game and really lets you check out some of the awesome parts that this platform has to offer. But this title by V Games doesn't let out early on, and beating this first level and taking down the giant slug below can prove to be a major challenge.

Here's the layout. Level one starts off with a bunch of rocky hills that roll about the mountains. The key to beating this stage will be in grabbing the rainbow bags, which increase the range of your yoyo and will make it easier for you to beat the last boss. Make sure you watch your step as you hop from hole to hole. Remember, Raven has about 12 HP at the beginning of the game, so he can afford to get hit by an enemy or two. But if he falls down the hole, it's over!

The slugs wandering about the hills move pretty slowly, but if you're standing where they can see you, they speed up in an attempt to charge at you! If you can, try taking down these slugs on uneven ground, where they won't be able to hit you. Or, if you don't have that choice, walk up to the slug while they're facing the other way and give him two quick hits with your yoyo.

Sometimes enemy slugs like to hide. This particular critter is hiding in the bushes, waiting to ambush you from below. Trick the slug at his own game by jumping over him and hitting him from the back.

After you get past the slug in the bush, you'll reach a part of the hills where there seem to be no slugs. This, of course, is far from the truth! Proceed with caution here and hop carefully over the hole, because right above you are a group of slugs, ready to rain down and bring terror from above! Probably best to just run past these guys.

At the end of the stage you'll come crashing down a long pit, and you'll meet a GIANT slug! To beat this abomination, you have to shoot at it while it's mouth is closed (Step 1). While the giant slug is hurt, he flashes and slows down. Use this to your advantage by inching to the right and shooting the slug again whenever he stops flashing (Step 2). You should be able to get three to five hits in before you get cornered. Once you reach the right edge, jump over the slug and be ready to jump again if the slug opens his mouth and tries to eat you up (Step 3). Keep jumping if the slug keeps trying to lunge at you, but once he closes his mouth repeat the pattern and before you know it you'll be past Level one and on your way to the Slug Mothership!

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