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Entertainment(August 2000-March 2000)

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(8/12/2000) In August, we give you the keys to Hollywood with a link to

Everyone has a favorite actor, actress, or performer. With E! Online, you can find out just what your favorite celebrities are up to on and off the big screen. All the latest information is plastered out, so articles and pictures are simply a click away. Interactivity is also a big plus in this Entertainment site; while you're trying to find your favorite star, why not take a break with one of E! Online's interesting games? Or, if you prefer some material posessions, why not visit E! Online's online shop for that hard-to-find celebrity-endorsed item that you've been looking for? I didn't believe it when I first heard about it, but it's true: E! Online is "entertainment's home page".

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(7/15/2000) In July, we struck our claws at the box office by looking into the world of X-Men: The Movie.

Perhaps the greatest fighting team to ever grace a comic book, the X-Men have become a real foundation to the comic industry. So when Marvel's team of mutants finally make it to the big screen (after years of popular demand from X-Men fans), director Bryan Singer enlisted some of the top Hollywood talents in the business. Stars include James Marsden (Cyclops), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Halle Berry (Storm), and the ever-alluring Rebecca Romjin-Stamos as the blue-skinned Mystique. Perhaps the most promising indication that X-Men is a serious action movie to contend with is the fact that Patrick Stewart (aka Jean-Luc Picard) plays the Captain of the X-Men, Professor X. The five years of experience Patrick had on the Enterprise wil certainly come in handy when the mutants are fighting the forces of evil.

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(6/3/2000) In June, we bring in the noise with *NSync's official site.

While a lot of boy groups are manufactured or thrown together by multi-million dollar moguls, these five performers joined in Orlando in hopes of someday being signed up by a record label for their modern, edgier interpretation of a capella. Now with two multi-platinum albums and the record for the most albums sold in the first week of release under their belts, *NSync has proven that they're professional artists who can harmonize and move with the best performance artists that the world has to offer.

During the month of June, *NSync is kicking off their No Strings Attached Concert Tour. The event should span well across the summer and keep every little girl's heart pulsating for a while.

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(5/12/2000) The month of May places the spolight on Sony's new movie Center Stage.

Instead of hiring the familiar cast of Hollywood's teen angels, Sony signed up a group of professional teenage dancers for their dance/soap teen opera drama, Center Stage. This newest installment to Sony's plethora of pop culture movies hopes to capitalize on a combination of irresistably hot-looking dancers (like lead Amanda Schull) and the market set by now classic dance movies like Fame, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, and Roller Boogie (?). Whether Sony's plan works will be up to the box office, but in the meantime check out more about what this movie is all about by heading to Sony's official site.

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(4/20/2000) In April we were invaded by Gundam W's official site at

It has taken a few years, but Toonami has finally earned the respect that it deserves from the television media. This unique cartoon "action" line-up, which airs on Cartoon Network six to seven times a week. This spotlight is basically a look into Cartoon Network's latest offering to the Toonami series.

Gundam Wing is the newest Japanimation inspired cartoon show to be translated to English for the Toonami lineup. Taking place in the future, the Gundam Mobile pilots are a group of vigilantes running from a system of law gone mad and a world of politics gone corrupt (typically the plot that QB proggers crave for.) Want to know more about this hi-action show? Look no further. This website has all the pics, bios, and stories you'll need to get yourself into Wing.

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(3/20/2000) In March, we get in on the action in

Right before NBC stopped showing Saturday Morning Cartoons, one of the last and best cartoons they've ever aired was a short-lived and wonderful athlethic show called Prostars. This show included Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzsky, and Bo Jackson working together to save the world. What can I say? It was pure, clean entertainment at it's best.

But in the real world, these professional athletes show that they have the business sense to make it on and off the court. While Bo Jackson stepped down, Super Bowl winner John Elway teamed up with Wayne and Michael to form, a homage to great sports stuff and sports stats.

While Wayne, John, and Michael have a lot of items on the site, is noted here because of their outstanding coverage of these three superstars. Biographies that span each of these athlete's careers are included right on the site, along with in-depth details about their favorite sports. You'll also get info on sports these athletes don't touch, including tennis and soccer. What else can I say other than it's a great site, and you ought to check it out.

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