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Come See our New QB Links Page

(9/30/2000) As soon as you're done here, we've found 120 more QB sites to add to your complete breakfast of programming and downloads.

While there are many features that we've added to V Planet since the site was first launched in September 1999, our favorite feature has always been the QB Affiliate section. This trusty list of links, located at the left sidebar of every V Planet page, allows visitors to quickly navigate to QB News sites once they're done reading the latest game reviews and news we've posted. And with a total of twenty-one hardworking QB Affiliates so far, the QB community is showing no signs of slowing down.

However, we've noticed over our first year at V Planet that there are many different types of QB sites. Many of the active sites out there are gems that have simply been neglected because they've received a few negative site reviews, or they simply haven't linked to enough QB sites at the time. This is a shame too, because we've been all over the Internet and one thing we've noticed is that there are a lot of QB sites out there are very active and have a lot of potential. They just need a moment in the limelight.

In an effort to solve the problem, V Planet has decided to take the initiative and open up our own QB Links page. What makes this QB Links page slightly different from the rest is that none of the 120 QB Links are reviewed. Instead, we've visited each of the webpages in our Links page and looked it over. We give an unbiased summary for each QB website we've visited by telling you what the site contains. If there's something you need or want to know about, you'll know. And if you do find a site you're interested in, all you have to do is click on the link or copy the URL to your clipboard. It's that simple.

To visit our new QB Links page, click here.

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