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Ghini Run Demo 2 Dominates QB Racing

(3/18/2001) As if the first wasn't impressive enough, the second demo of Piptol Production's racing game is faster and even more beautiful. 

Above is a pic of the Castle Fields, the new level in the Ghini Run Demo.

One of the first games you can download while visiting last year's QB Expo is Piptol Production's Ghini Run. In the playable demo, you control a car that travels down a road that scales back and forth like a Sega Genesis racing game. The routines, which combined two graphic libraries with QuickBasic, created this look that seemed so much like a console racing game that most QB gamers would be forced to do a double take. With all the innovations that have taken place within the last year, it's been a while since a game has been so revolutionary in QB that somebody's forced to say, "Is this really done in QuickBasic?"

Since then, Ghini Run creators Piptol Productions have been hard at work, listening to comments from people who have played the QB Expo edition of Ghini Run, to see if the playable demo can be polished before it is released as a full game. One of the chief complaints received about the racer was it's awkward speed scheme, as well as various sound and control issues. This became Piptol Production's primary concerns.

Finally, after a few more months of developments, Piptol Productions released a second demo of Ghini Run to its growing number of fans. V Planet was among the first to receive word from Piptol, so we picked up a copy from their website and gave it a try. After playing it for about an hour or two, it became obvious that there are some improvements and some disadvantages from the latest demo when compared to the award-winning Expo edition from just one Summer ago.

The most obvious change is the improved physics of the game. Cars in Ghini Run react to twists and turns realistically, and unfortunately for people hoping breeze through the game, collisions work somewhat realistically too. You won't see your car explode or anything, but expect your car to flip if you put it in just the right position at just the right speed. Don't say you weren't warned.

Control is greatly improved from the last demo and steering the car feels a lot more realistic and playable than ever before. Also noticeable is the speed settings. Now the framerate can be adjusted for computers that are either too fast or too slow, so that the experience is just right regardless of what computer you use. Other extras in the demo include a high score system and a total of two courses (Bluewater Bay and Castle Fields). Race against the computer to see if you can get the fastest time.

Perhaps the only disadvantage from this latest demo is the lack of sound or music. According to the Piptol Productions website, sound and music was temporarily taken out because some gamers had compatibility problems with the sound routines. The finished version of Ghini Run will still have sound and music.

Because Ghini Run is still an incomplete game, V Planet has chosen not to review the game yet and wait until it is even more polished. However, with two fully playable courses to try out, you should probably go to the Piptol Productions website and download their game now while you still have the chance. The screenshot above you is not doctored up; this is a real QB racing game with a third-person view, it's blistering fast, and you have to download it to believe it.

Visit The Piptol Productions Website at!

Article written by QBShire

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