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Our Stand on Adult QB Games

(9/15/2000) QBShire talks about the politics that will make distributing QB games fair to the programmer, the server, and the gamer.

Hello QB Gamers! Today we're going to talk about a cup of tea that everyone generally has strong feelings about one way or the other: Adult videogaming. To break it down, you're either part of the team that believes that adults have a right to whatever kind of entertainment they choose, or you're part of the team who believes that adult videogames are disgusting and should be kept away from children (and sometimes adults as well).

When V Planet adopted the ESRB Game Rating system back in September 1999, we wanted to ensure that there was some way people navigating around our site could know to some extent what kind of content they can expect to see from the game they're going to read about. There has been no question as to how the ratings we give are given. Basically, to get a  rating (For teens 13+ and up), all you need is an ounce of violent language, or just enough violence that the game isn't welcome to kids.  (For gamers 18+ and up) is reserved for the more extreme cases, usually given to games that have more violent concepts or more animated violence and language than recommended for teenagers.

In difference to violence, -rated QB games (For adults 18+ years of age) are given to QB games that have a more sexual nature. Having this rating available in your utility belt is important for two key reasons: you want to inform parents that this game is absolutely not for children, and you want to inform the QB gamer that the game being reviewed has adult content.

Because of our server's site content policy, V Planet can not have any adult material in our site. In respect to this policy, V Planet will not have any direct links or downloads to any site with adult QB games. Instead, what we will have is a verification e-mail system. The e-mail of the developer who made the  rated game will be shown if you try to download the game from V Planet. The person interested in downloading the adult QB game should send an e-mail to that address and verify to the game developer that he or she is an adult, and that he or she is interested in knowing more about the QB game.

After the person is verified as an adult (this will be the responsibility of the game developer and not V Planet), the developer will send a return e-mail with more information about their QB game (and probably their website too if applicable). Upon receiving this, I suggest you try the game and visit the site; generally, people who work on adult videogames are working towards a niche audience. That means that their website will probably be a lot more liberal and comfortable for you to visit than other QB sites (that is, if adult QB games are your cup of tea. =)

This isn't to say that you should keep away from V Planet if you're looking for a good review on an Adult QB game either. Regardless of what audience the game is for, V Planet will show no bias will testing each QB game thoroughly for gameplay, entertainment, and technical brilliance. If it turns out that the game sucks and you're reading about it in this website, then you will be the first to know. However, with some care and a little bit of quality in mind, even  rated games have the potential to score plenty of review points. Take Suds Skin, the first  rated game V Planet has ever reviewed. Here's a game that has good graphics and surprisingly enough a good storyline. If you're an adult male gamer (and this should make up quite a few of you considering how long the QB community has been around), then I encourage you to try the Suds Skin demo (you can read V Planet's review about Suds Skin by clicking here.) And, if by some twist of fate you actually turn out liking the game like we at V Planet did, I suggest you at least e-mail the developers at BULMA Produktions just to tell them that they're doing a good job with their game so far. Again, people who work on Adult QB videogames are working towards a niche audience. It'd be nice for them to know that the niche is giving them some support. 

Peace out!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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