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Updated November 20, 2004

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Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2
(BULMA Produktions)

"A Hotel for those long Summer Days"
2001 QB Gaming Gold Award Winner for Best Gaming Babe: Sandra

On a warm summer day, Agatha and Johnny went off to the beach to relax. Much to Agatha's surprise, Johnny announces that he had won a free stay at the Soho Hotel! Johnny had worked in the hotel before; hoping to meet some old friends and relax a little during the weekend.

As soon as Agatha and Johnny were done cooling off, Johnny packed up to the Soho Hotel, where he would in fact meet some old freinds. But it had become apparent that some new women have been waiting for Johnny to arrive as well...

Game Review
Graphics (n.)
The use of animation and visual effects to stimulate the senses
In a sort of Myst-inspired format, Suds Skin is an adventure game where you see everything through Johnny Abbot's eyes. This decision to make you visualize the game through the hero's eyes helps you imagine yourself in Johnny's shoes a whole lot easier (not to mention the fact that it gives the artists in the game a chance to concentrate on drawing the different rooms in the Soho Hotel instead of having a cumbersome main character walk around the screen).

One thing that surprised me about Suds Skin is the decision to use still pictures of women instead of attempting to draw all the characters in the game. Usually when you combine pre-drawn graphics with stills of human beings, they usually fail to blend. But this is actually where Suds Skin compensates for lack of animation. While all of the rooms in the game have no animation, the rooms are drawn very well. Also, the photos of the characters in the game are probably as good as you can get it on a 320*200 resolution.

The opening level of the game also features a tutorial level, where you get to know a little more about one of the game's female models than you're supposed to. Needless to say (and there will be many warnings of this throughout this game review) do not download this game if you're under 18 years of age!!

Sound/Music (n.)
The smooth blend of atmospheric sounds and original harmonies
One of the new things BULMA Produktions added to Suds Skin is Sound Blaster-quality music, implemented through the QMidi sound package (which can be turned on and off if your computer does not support the QMidi sound package.) The music is a mix of tunes that sound like they come from a mid-budget porn flick and (unusually enough) tunes from commercial first-person shooters. This somehow fits with the military theme the game's story has taken, and it also adds a dash of hilarity to some of the game's rowdier scenes =)

Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 also comes with sound effects (and in that respect they pull no stops). During the more entertaining parts of Johnny's adventures, the different girls in the game seem to come with their own distinct sounds of ooh-ing and ah-ing. The incessant moaning can sometimes compete with hotel sounds in real life! So, if you didn't pick it up the first time, this game has lots of adult content. Please do not download if you're under 18.

Gameplay (n.)
The precision of control and involvement of character within its universe
BULMA Produktions set up a pretty solid gameplay formula. Basically, the game starts at a hotel. You use the mouse to click on the various objects in each room to observe them. If you want to talk to anyone, then you click on them. If you want to go to another room, then you can click on the room.

Some rooms offer a slightly more complicated interface than others, allowing you to choose whether to examine, use, manipulate, or talk to people and objects. This is generally a signal that the room has a puzzle that needs to be solved, usually to proceed with the game.

Occasionally, a girl you talk to will offer more dialogue. It's important that you say the right things or else you won't impress the girl. But if your wit is sharp enough (and this is the adult part...) um... let's just say the girl rewards you for your excellent sense of humor.

Story (n.)
The creativity and presentation of the game's critical plot
BULMA Produktions breaks bounds for adult videogames not only by making it in QB, no sir. Believe it or not, Suds Skin is an adult game with a developing plot that (this could be good or bad depending on your taste) doesn't completely revolve around sex. This is a true rarity in the video game industry indeed, and the game even features multi-linear story paths.

As the game is set up like a Leisure Suit Larry manner, the game is a mixture of solving clicking on item-oriented puzzles and picking up women. This setup allows the writer of Suds Skin to direct the game through text narration. And while the translation from Spanish to English isn't neither 100% complete or perfect in terms of structure, it does effectively carry on the plot from Suds Skin's intro sequence.

However, let everyone reading this review be warned: even if Suds Skin lost all of it's sound effects and other assorted bells and whistles, the adult language in this game is probably enough to skyrocket the game to "adult" level on its own. This is the kind of game that's intense enough for V Planet to come up with an "Adult Game" policy. So don't even think about trying this game if you're under 18 because the language will be too much for you minors. Kapeesh?

Replay Value (n.)
The timelessness of the gamer's delight, such that the experience can be repeated again and again
Average. The English/Spanish translation and simple control system make it charming despite the fact that some of the translations weren't completed. Also, the graphics are beautiful (which is important considering that games like Suds Skin rely on it's looks for at least some of its replay value).

Even though the game has improved in length, it's still a little too short and straightforward to offer any replay value beyond the two-point range, although there's a good chance you'll play both parts a few extra times just to see if there are other ways to steer the game in a different direction.

Challenge (v.)
To strike the mental nerve in such a way as to stimulate human thought and reflexes
Challenge is another area where Suds Skin shows great improvement, particularly because the game itself is no longer demo's length. Finding all of the game's story paths require a little more time and creativity, and the puzzles essential to completing the game could be a little more complicated, although it's good that none of the item-related puzzles in the game really interfere with the game's flow.

The key to getting the most out of Johnny Abbott's adventure is good conversation. If you say the wrong things to women (a.k.a. be extremely rude or careless), then that could either change the game's direction or force your game into a story path that leads to a Game Over. But if you play it too safe, you won't be able to unlock all of the game's scenes. With that in mind, the safest way to play the game is to be conservative at first, then use the passwords to backtrack later on in the game if anything is missed.

Fun Factor (n.)
The overall entertainment value as maintained throughout the adventure
A lot of things have happened since the last time Suds Skin was reviewed, and BULMA Produktions kept a lot of V Planet's wish list for this game in mind. The game is much larger than it was before, bragging multiple story paths and featuring several girls to charm. There are puzzle elements to resolve and there's even music in the background-- all joyous additions that make this the most ambitious BULMA Produktions project to date.

Even the gameplay has improved significantly. I do not want to sound like some stir-crazy pervert, but even with all sexuality aside BULMA Produktions is doing a very good job, adding some tricks in the dialog and puzzles every now and then to add some balance to the game's more hardcore material. The game suffers from occasional jolts of non-translated text and a shaky plotline, but otherwise the transition is seamless.

The only thing lacking in Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 is completion. BULMA Produktions leaves Johnny Abbott in a cliff-hanger position in this game, and Part 1 was really the bulk of the work in the game. The mixture of rendered backgrounds with photographed models are great, the level of quality never falters, and there's a sense that the game's plot will lead on to bigger and better things. This expansion to Suds Skin is definitely the one BULMA fans have been looking forward to, but it will likely have adult gamers begging for more.

Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 reviewed by Vance Velez

Players 1 player Genre: Puzzle Game
Rating To solve: 45 min Final Rating: 19/35

To download Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 (3.66MB), click here.
wIf you're unzipping this program in DOS, use the -d option.
wThis game is mouse-compatible. Make sure it is hooked up when playing this game.
wTo play Suds Skin, run "SUDSENG.EXE".

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Game Summary
Coding Group
BULMA Produktions
Puzzle Game
Homepage URL
1 player
Final Rating
19 out of 35 points

The Highs: Multi-linear story paths allow you to skip the scenes you've already played while trying to figure out what you've missed.
The Lows: This adult game only allows you to quit the game under certain circumstances, making hiding the game from the kids a little difficult.

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