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QB Expo Coverage, Part #5

(9/6/2000) The 2000 QB Expo just updated! Want to know what new games were added? Your wish is our command.

One of the last-second Booth additions to the QB Expo is G-Tech's new strategy game Arrakian Dawn.

If you think you've seen everything that there is to see about the QB Expo, think again. Four new booths have been completed and are ready for your viewing. Don't want to get lost looking for what they are? Here's a list of the games and their respective locations.

Secret of Cooey III (RPG Palace 1)
RPG Veterans Darkness Ethereal finally make their presence known at the QB Expo with their Secret of Cooey III Booth! Visitors will be allowed to drool at screenshots of Cooey III in action, along with receiving a glimpse of all the other good stuff. Plus, a tentative release date for the game and instructions to get a beta copy of the game are included.

Raven: The Yoyo Commando Beta 2 (V Planet Hall)
For quite a bit now, people have been informing V Planet of the broken link to Raven: The Yoyo Commando Beta 2. Well, the link's been fixed and the game is finally in the Expo and at V Planet for everyone to download! The update to V Game's first platformer includes the "diagonal jump" keys and a new game level. So be sure to check that out if you're a platformer fan.

Arrakian Dawn (Strategy Dungeon)
Arrakis is probably king-of-the-hill when it comes to QB strategy games, so it's no coincidence that Arrakis will inspire other people to make Dune-style games. Enter Arrakian Dawn, a QB strategy game being put together by a tour de force of QB programmers from the coding group G-Tech. The staff for the game, which includes seven people, have enough manpower to make Arrakian Dawn a serious, if not at least individual, contender for the Strategy game crown.

Chicken Jockey (Strategy Dungeon)
Finally, do stop by the Strategy Game Dungeon for a taste of Chicken Jockey! Hafiz Kassam's cockfighting game is the first of it's kind in QB. Train chickens to fight and race for cash and prizes. A unique game indeed, and if you check out the booth and download the game you'll get a preview of Chicken Jockey games to come in the future!

The doors to the 2000 QB Expo are right here.

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