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QBasic Enters Age of Sega Genesis?

(6/20/2001) More and more, the Sega Genesis is becoming an inpsiration to QB programmers across the Internet. We gather three of the more promising candidates here.

Unless you've been living in the basement trying to unlock all the secrets to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo disc, you've probably heard about Sega's plan to pull production of their latest videogame console, the Sega Dreamcast. In fact, Sega's leaving the hardware business entirely, in an effort to become a "platform agnostic" company. This means that many Sega and third-party franchises that have made a name for themselves on the Sega line of consoles will now be moving on to the Sony Playstation 2, the Nintendo Gamecube, the Microsoft X-Box, and the Gameboy Advance.

But with this change comes an equally noticable change in the QB scene. Whereas in the past a countless number of Final Fantasy, Mario, and Zelda games inspired by their NES counterparts were being made by programming fans, some of this year's harvest of upcoming titles appear to be heavily inspired by Sega's first major best-selling console, the 16-bit Sega Genesis. Thanks to the increased power of today's computers, alongside the technical power of QB libraries and the integration of QBasic with other programming languages, it looks like we're bound to see a growth of QB games and clones inspired by the Genesis era:

Untitled RPG (Silent Creations Online)

Only those videogame veterans with a long history of videogame addiction and too much time in their hands will be able to piece together that the graphics from Silent Creation's RPG demo originate from the classic Sega Genesis RPG, Shining Force 2. The Shining Force 2 game is considered a classic among Genesis gamers, alongside Phantasy Star, Warsong, and other 16-bt masterpieces. Currently in a demo phase, only time will tell if Silent Creations can develop this RPG into a stunner.

Sonic XTreme (QBasic Central)

Winner of the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Award for Best Platform Game, Sonic XTreme continues to be a marvel among Sega Genesis-inspired QB games, starring the head hedgehog himself in playable, QBasic form. Even more thrilling is the successful implementation of inverse loops and wind physics, making this not only one of the best Sonic clones out on the Net, but one of the best platformers ever made in QB.

Columns (Autumn Springs Entertainment)

Subtle but addictive, Autumn Springs Entertainment brings the Puzzle game magic of Sega's prime puzzle game masterpiece to QB in a big way. A lot of effort was spent meticulously recreating the sounds, sights, and gameplay of the original, and thanks to some good programming and some help from the Future Library, Columns (combos and all) is made possible.

Ghini Run (Piptol Productions)

Nowadays, it's very hard to find a V Planet update without at least one mention of Ghini Run. It's not a matter of kissing up, but this Outrunners-inspired game from Piptol Productions just fits into so many categories. As one of the star attractions of the 2000 QB Expo and the winner of the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Generations Award, Ghini Run is a racing game fan's dream come true.

So what comes next for the line of Sega Genesis-style QB games? Will we see an Altered Beast clone released on QB? Or perhaps Ecco the Dolphin, Kid Chameleon, or Altered Beast will rise from the 16-bit ashes to pay Microsoft QBasic a visit. It's all up to the QB programmers to test out just how much QB can still do. It's pure speculation, but I for one would love to see a clone of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on QB. After all, toasting Joe Pesci on any programming language is an automatic must-download.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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