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Affiliates Cut Back in April

(4/14/2001) A record number of QB Affiliates have been tossed out due to dead links! All that and the addition of the QB Chronicles in this month's Site Report.

The QB Chronicles represents the only new QB affiliate to be added to V Planet this April.

After it's annual Affiliate check-up, V Planet removed a startling five QB links from it's QB Affiliates and button links this month. The list of QB sites booted from the QB Affiliates and Links list include The QB Times, Programming Oasis, DarkSide Productions, Secret Weapon Software, and the Top 219 QuickBasic Sites. The majority of these websites have been removed from the Affiliate list because of dead links, and inquiries have been made to the webmasters of these sites to determine their site's whereabouts. It should be noted that The Programming Oasis and QB Times have both been retired and have disappeared entirely since made it's recent server change.

In difference, the Top 219 QuickBasic Site(s) list was removed because the Top 219 QuickBasic Site list would not sponsor V Planet! This is because of a conflict between V Planet and the Top 219's "No Adult material in the website rule". After a meeting with the V Planet staff, it was agreed that the button link to the Top 219 QBasic sites should also be removed from the V Planet main page, but not at V Planet's QB Links list.

To compensate for these removed sites, V Planet has repaired many of the links to it's current roster of QB sites, including fixing links to Sneukeule's QBRPG page, Pickers Games Website, and the Programming Sharehouse. In addition, a new QB affiliate to our list and a couple of sites have been added to V Planet's assortment of button links. The following explains these changes in more detail:

The QB Chronicles
The press run and thirst for online QB programming magazines seems never-ending. It all started years ago with QB: The Magazine and Basix Fanzine, progressed into a second generation with publications like the QB: Cult Magazine, Razor Diskmag, and the QB Times, and now enters a third group with QB Gamer and (most recently) the QB Chronicles.

Inspired by the QB Times, the QB Chronicles marks the beginning of the third generation of online QB online magazines. The programming magazine is orchestrated under the care of Editor/Webmaster Fling-Master, while the magazine itself is a subsidiary of QBRPG game developer HyperRealistic Games. The magazine updates monthly and already has three issues in print. With programming tips and news from the Qmunity, the QB Chronicles is shaping up to be a pretty good place to go to chalk up on QB news.

Always a big fan of QB game review sites, GBGames has finally been added to V Planet's collection of button links. With over 5000 hits and forty game reviews, GBGames has improved very much since it's release back in August 5, 2000. The latest update of GBGames includes a review of the TMB Productions game Percussor.

Last but not least, a link to key affiliate StattoNet has also been added to the list of button links in V Planet. For months, V Planet Links Manager Diamond Titan (who is also the webmaster at StattoNet) has been working extra hard in Link updates as well as game reviews. It escapes the mind as to why StattoNet was not included in the list of button links any sooner. But this mistake has been fixed, and the orange and black button link to the StattoNet Links and News site has been thankfully added to the list of button links at V Planet.

Article by QBShire

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