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Top Arcade Game List Splits

(3/20/2000) QBShire shrinks the list of Arcade Games down to size and moves some reviews around in order to prepare for the upcoming Top Puzzle Game List.

Hey QB Gamers! QBShire here to talk a major adjustment to V Planet's Top Arcade Game Reviews. This elite list of Arcade QB games used to include platformers, games that are in the spirit of console classics like Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Jazz Jackrabbit. But as we've seen more and more QB Arcade game submissions, we've realized that old definition of an "arcade" game covered way too many genres, so we've taken away all the Platforms from the Top Arcade Game list and moved them to a new Top Platforms page!

This required some major moving for some high-scoring titles, including our very own Raven: The Yoyo Commando, which is turning out to be a pretty big hit in the QB community. We also moved some other great QB platforms from the Top Arcade Game List, including Eric Carr's lightning-fast Spinball, Mastersoft's well-rendered Mario clone Mario Up!, and a dosage of new-school QB platformers with TMB Production's 8-way, Epic Megagames-style platformer, Around the World.

Strangely enough, we also have the honor of announcing the first game we've reviewed to be featured in two different lists! Because of the Zelda II-style action which inspired this QB game, Joel Oakley's The Ring of Everdown is the first game to be featured in both the Top QBRPG list and the Top Platform Games list! This means games of multiple genres can be featured in multiple lists.

To help make this transition easier for the QB community, we've also added a little bonus to all our game reviews. Now every game review comes with information showing the genre of the game and the number of players who can play the game, in a format that's very easy to read. The format is shown below.
Players 1-2 players
Genre: RPG/Puzzle Game
Rating To solve: 4-6 hours Final Rating: 8/35

This new feature will increase the versatility of V Planet! and will allow the transition to the Top Puzzle Game list to be a lot easier. Personally, I like the subtle new changes. It's all part of making the QB Game Reviews that much better.

QB Forever!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine 

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