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Read 'em And Weep

(7/17/2000) Over fifty news articles have been written for V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine. Our new Site Archive section lets you relive every word.

Hello again, QB gamers! I'm currently looking over all the pages that we've received from QB developers for this year's QB Expo. There are some great looking pages, and I'd first like to thank everyone who turned in a form or a fully developed page before the deadline for Expo Pages, July 16. For those of you who haven't turned in your Expo page yet, you know who you are! We know how hard it is to develop a page or get the job done, especially if you have a QB project in your hands that you'd like to finish before the Expo is launched. And since the QB Expo's date still isn't set in stone, now's the time for you guys to get those pages in... the sooner, the easier it will be to implement into the event.

Speaking of multiple jobs, we here at V Planet not only have a series of Expo pages to put together, but we have a QuickBasic Magazine to worry about! So while the spotlight will soon be concentrated on the Expo this month, I decided that now would be a great time to add a new feature to V Planet that we've been saving until later, the Site Archives.

Just what are the Site Archives, you ask? Well, ever since Day One of V Planet's launch we've been stockpiling some of our earlier News articles and (later on) all of our newer News articles from January and up. Once we had enough articles to "archive", we would re-release all of these great news articles and make them accessible to the public again. In this way, everyone can read their favorite articles again! Ever wanted to know more about the QBRPG Distant Promises? Then read the interview we had with RPG guru Darkdread! Want to know how to improve your sound score? Look it up in our killer article, "It Sounds Like Not Enough!" With every article we write archived from now on, and our unique take on QB games, the V Planet! Site Archive is just the place you need to re-cap all the latest in QB news.

Best of all, navigation to and through V Planet's Site Archive is easy. The Site Archives have already been added to the list of V Planet's sections. Simply click there and find the articles you want to read. All of the articles written for the V Planet's Site Archive are elegantly sorted in chronological order, so all you have to do is click on the title of the archived article you want to read.

Want a personal invitation to this new section of the magazine? Well, here you go! Go straight to the Site Archives now by clicking here. Just make sure you're back in time for some more QB gaming.

Peace Out!


Editior, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine 

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