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Match Picks With the Zkman

(2/14/2001) Were the winners as you expected? Compare notes with the famous editor of QB: The Magazine and see if you were closer to predicting the winners of the 2001 Gaming Golds.

Zkman had a pretty close read for Game of the Year, picking 2nd placeman Ultimate Super Stack to win.

During last year's QB Gaming Golds, one of the best articles we had promoting the event was "Can Zkman Predict the Winners?" In this article, we invited QB: The Magazine Editor Zkman to predict the winners of the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards. Zkman is the best choice for this kind of article because of his high experience as a QB journalist. During 1998, QB: The Magazine was the best QB magazine in existence, covering both programming and games. And when QB:TM stopped the presses in the Summer of 1999, Zkman did keep in touch with the growing library of QB games. As a result, his experience and knowledge of QB games and the QB community is mature and un-biased. This makes him the perfect "game critic" to predict winners of the Gaming Golds.

So when the 2001 QB Gaming Golds came rolling around and the competition being closer than ever, we again asked Zkman to predict the winners for the event. Zkman pulled back his sleeves, and picked some picks from some classic developers to win the Gaming Golds. But how do his picks compare to the actual winners of the Gaming Golds? Take a look at the table and see for yourself:

Zkman's Pick
2001 QB Gaming Gold Award Winner
Best Original Graphics in a Video Game: Zkman betted that the winner of the Best Original Graphics in a Video Game would go to Ultimate Super Stack, probably because it pulled off some of the most dazzling effects ever in a DirectQB game. Zkman was pretty close here since he picked who got 2nd place in this category. But it turns out that Mysterious Song would surpass Ultimate Super Stack for Best Graphics.
Best Original Music in a Video Game: After weighing out the five nominees in this category, Zkman believed that the RPG Mysterious Song would probably hold out the edge over the others in terms of Best music. Zkman chose wisely here, as Mysterious Song wins the Gaming Gold in the Best Music category. Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution put up a pretty good fight here though.
Best Original Story in a Video Game: For Best Original Story in a Video game, Zkman set his sights on the game Mysterious Song to bring home the prize. Again, Mysterious Song wins the Gaming Gold. Although Darkness Ethereal is known to make fun of its own storyline for being too cliche, the game's plot has captivated a niche audience.
Best Puzzle Game: Probably Zkman's quickest pick, it didn't take a lot of time for QB guru to pick Ultimate Super Stack as the winner of the Best Puzzle game category. You, the voters, concur with Zkman as you picked Ultimate Super Stack to win the Gaming Gold for Best Puzzle game by a considerable margin.
Best Sound Effects/Sound Editing: Though there were a lot of new games to choose from in this category, Zkman stayed consistent and picked one of his earlier picks, Ultimate Super Stack, to bring the Gold home for sound.  The votes stayed consistent as well, and it was Ultimate Super Stack who gained the victory for Best Sound Effects/Sound editing.
Best QB Gaming Hunk: There were a lot of heavyweights in this category, but Zkman put his big money on SumoX from Typosoft's Super Sumo Wrestling to bring home the Gaming Gold for Best Gaming Hunk. With so many big heroes duking it out in the Gaming Hunk category, it seemed natural to pick somebody who's not from a QBRPG. But it turns out that Rydar of ARC Legacy fame would not only be the lone representative in this category from the RPG scene, but the winner of the Gaming Gold as well.
Best QB Gaming Babe: Predicting a repeat of Cookie's domination over the competitors, Zkman chose another babe from a JawsVSoft game to win the Gaming Gold. So he picked Cindy. There were two winners in this category, so that was incredibly hard to predict for anyone. But even stranger is the fact that neither winner belongs to JawsVSoft as Zkman inferred. Showl from Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: Dawn of a Revolution and Sandra from the QB adult game Suds Skin were the two winners who claimed the title of best Gaming Babe.
Best Arcade Game: Zkman expected Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter to use it's Future Library and arcade-style play to storm ahead of the pack. Super Sumo Wrestling hung around for 2nd place, but it was indeed Dynamic: Colonization of Jupiter that dominated the skies in the Best Arcade game category.
Best Platform Game: Because he was not familiar with enough games in this category, Zkman chose to "abstain" from making a pick for the best platform category. It makes sense for Zkman to abstain here, since it was such a close race between Promzone and Sonic Xtreme 7. A single vote separated the two cutting-edge platforms as Sonic Xtreme 7 turned out being the winner in this category.
Gaming Gold Generations Award: Zkman believed the future generation of gaming belongs to former Gaming Gold nominee Tsugumo and partner FrozenEmu for their RPG surprise, Untitled. Again, a single vote separated the race here, but it was Untitled that got 2nd place and it was Ghini Run Expo Edition that sailed to the finish line and won the Gaming Gold in this category. And again, Zkman's pick was incredibly close.
QB Gaming Legend: Zkman actually went for the underdog in this category, shooting for the pioneer of the bunch by picking 3D programmer Dieter Marfurt of Kaboom and QBManche to win the Gaming Gold. Nekrophidius turned out being the unanimous winner this year, easily trampling over Dieter, Marcade, Tek, and Alipha for this category. Nekrophidius is, of course, the mastermind behind the QBRPG The Wrath of Sona, which also won last year in the Generations Award. What else can be said? The QB community really likes this guy. 
Best RPG: For best RPG, Zkman pulled back his sleeves and put his cards again on Darkness Ethereal, by picking Mysterious Song as best RPG. At this point, merely having the words "Mysterious" or "Song" in your game title seems to guarantee a Gaming Gold. But Mysterious Song does indeed deserve the praise, as it is one of the best Darkness Ethereal RPGs ever made. We can only await to see what Darkness Ethereal has coming up next. 
Best Programming Team: Surprisingly, Zkman again "abstained" here because he's not familiar with enough of the nominees in this category to pick a best Programming team among them. Perhaps Zkman should have used his veteran experience here, because it turns out that PHAT Games, the longest-running programming team among the nominees, would win the Gaming Gold.
Game of the Year: This is the golden fleece of the bunch, and if Zkman had it his way, the Gaming Gold would go to Oren Bartal's game, Ultimate Super Stack. Ultimate Super Stack is indeed one of the best puzzle games ever made in QB. But this year again belonged the QBRPG, and it is in big part because of Mysterious Song. But next year will have a new list of challengers, eagerly waiting to be next Game of the Year.
Number of Picks Correct: 6
Number of Categories Skipped: 2
Number of Picks Wrong: 6
Total Accuracy: 42.9% (6 out of 14)

Although 6 out of 14 seems under average for number of correct picks, many of Zkman's choices were 2nd place finishers in the event, so overall Zkman is very close to predicting the winners of the event. Of course, it's also hard to guess that Mysterious Song and Ultimate Super Stack would clean up this year's awards anyway. Don't even ask what I predicted to win the Gaming Golds though, because my Total Accuracy was at 0%. I think I let myself get a little too biased by picking all of V Games titles to win the awards. Things didn't go quite as planned =) But hey, there's always next year!

Written by Vance Velez, Editor

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