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That's Some Crazy Balls

(10/24/2000) AlienQB visits Johan Jostell to get the low-down on a QB game that has the gumption to call itself Crazy Balls.

Crazy Balls adds another mark on the tally for QB arcade games.

"Oh, no... another Breakout clone!" This is the first impression V Planet game reviewer AlienQB felt when he made his home visit with author Johan Jostell to check out the latest QB game in construction, Crazy Balls. But then the thoughts shift to "No, actually this is a DX-Ball clone - and it has the potential of being a good one too." The rest of this article offers the rest of AlienQB's after-thoughts while watching Crazy Balls in action.

"First off, the graphics. The screen mode is nothing to write home about. Sixteen colors with page flipping (Screen 7), but when I first get to see all the animated sprites, and there's thousands (naw, but many) boxes with exploding bombs in it, shiny boxes and balls inside. Johan has put a great deal of work into these, and after a first look I can tell that he did a good job. 
With a moving star travel background - the game has everything except 256 colors. Johan promises that he will look over the options and advantages of Future.Library, published by Future Software, to get a boost of graphics and overall speed.

"As Crazy Ball is under work and probably won't see daylight for some time, the version I looked at was alpha 8, and suprisingly, the whole game is made out of one single file. All pictures are loaded into the .BAS file, and woaa, is that nice or what? At last, someone who understands how many files we've got in our QBasic folders.

"When it comes to the gameplay, Crazy Ball has everything that you possibly could ask for. Twenty balls at the same time with a flying bounce pad? Radioactive boxes and balls that bounce like you thought no ball could? Crazy Ball has got it all! I spent a few hours playing this game and the only thing I came up with is that this game might just have what it takes to become a great game. But, this is an early version of it, and much will hopefully be improved. When I say improved I'm mostly thinking of the graphics, and I hope that the bugs has been fixed. I found my self doing nothing as a ball stopped and bounced around were it was, and it never got away from there!"

In closing, AlienQB is impressed by Johan's latest offering. "I think there is indeed a need for great Breakout-clones in QB and Crazy Ball just might be the game to fill in the space."

Article written by AlienQB

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