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QB Sites Change Face

(1/19/2000) The new year has arrived, and a lot of our affiliates have made some major changes. Here's how our QB comrades made their sites Y2K compliant.

Nightwolf Productions
Nightwolf easily made the most changes on his site! First of all, Nightwolf changed the site name from "Nightwolf Productions" to the newly formed "Programming Oasis". The site has been totally revamped and it now covers all programming languages, including C++ and Pascal. There's even Web Design tutorials, strangely in Dutch. Navigation through the site takes a little more to get used to, but the Oasis seems to be a lot faster than it's predecessor. It's not a 100% Quickbasic site anymore, but you still get the interviews, and the invincible QB Times. Wahoo!

Darkness Ethereal
Another site with a major transformation. Darkness Ethereal, the company responsible for Distant Promises and Secret of Cooey 2 (among many others), have changed the layout of their site to cater their growing adherence to the RPG field. They've also hooked up to the Top 10 RPG maker's sites, which means that Darkness Ethereal is representing QBRPGs for all of us. Help 'em out by voting for 'em!
I'm not clear on all the details about this site, but somehow is splitting up. Apparently there was some ripping scandal going on within this site, and as a result is going down and may possibly be replaced by a site that covers all programming languages.

Pete's QBasic Site
Pete's popular gaming site was recently hacked! As a result, Pete may be packing his bags and moving to a whole new server sometime. According to the site, Pete may move his files around February.

Simply QBasic
Because of its growing popularity, Simply QBasic has been added to the list of QB affiliates here at V Planet. Simply QBasic is most noted for being one of the most reputable download sites on the net, with up to 720+ downloads. Plus, they have a Quickbasic News Section called QNN which is updated mighty often. This site is 100% QBasic, the kind of site that can make you feel warm and happy inside. 

Neozones Prouctions
Neozones Productions ( has just met some competition, in the form of Neozones (! These two sites share the same name, but they're totally different. focuses on Quickbasic and QB, and they're gradually getting members to join their QB site-hosting service. Neozones Productions is still the premium QB site though, with a new 100% profanity-free Discussion board and an active QBoard where some of QB's most famous programmers answer some questions like "What makes a good QBasic game?" or "What do you think of the QBRPG craze?"

Dark Elf Productions ( is going through some major reconstruction, but even in it's refurnishing state the site is still very much alive. Perhaps the most interesting feature is Chuck's new Search engine for QB stuff, similar in nature to Future Software's QB Finder.

Future Software (
Last (though certainly not least), has given their site a new color scheme, with an orange and purple trim. Also, Jorden recently added his new love and joy, the QB startpage. This new startpage has a lot of big QB links compressed into one page.

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