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Updated November 20, 2004

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The World Is Too Big For One Planet
(9/30/2002) After two weeks of voting, the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards finally comes to an end. And with that comes some thoughts from the Editor.

As the 2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards draw to a close, the cycle of QB games continue to thrive. While some programmers continue cloning franchises that have already been cloned in QB to further their personal skills, other coding groups are trying to push QB even further techonologically, or to introduce new game ideas creatively. It's truly a wonderful thing to watch-- it's this combination of tradition and innovation that allows the QB community to become it's strongest.

But with that growth comes for a larger demand for QB game review sites. Even if V Planet reviewed two games a week, the reviews pending list at V Planet's mailbox would probably increase, not decrease in size. It's incredible-- there are just that many QB games out there left to be discovered.

To tell QB programmers to slow down would be stupid and unproductive. This falls on the hands of QB game reviewers to make a real push, to make as many of these games known as possible. What does that mean for people who have or are thinking about starting their own QB game review sites? It means checking V Planet and other QB game review sites like GBGames, Lovely Pressure, and, finding out what QB games haven't been reviewed yet, and then actively seeking out these games so that they can be publicized.

Even if you don't have your own QB game review site, you can still help the cause by joining V Planet's staff of game reviewers or freelance writers. If you're interested in joining the V Planet's staff, click here to read our Job Openings page. In terms of writing skills and getting feedback, it's a very rewarding experience. It's also one of the quickest ways to get your opinions about a particular QB game in print.

One of two things have to happen: all QB game review sites have to make a push to review new games, or the V Planet staff has to increase in size to cater larger game review updates. But it would be a terrible shame to miss out on the next big QB game just because it didn't get enough exposure.

Vance Velez 

Editor, V Planet! QuickBasic Magazine

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