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The first 100% QuickBasic game Review magazine Forced Offline By Closed Server

(4/7/2001) The same server trouble that haunted Future Software forces to go offline. Find out for how long and how you can help.

Until they find a new host, the presses at QBasic/QuickBasic News are stopped.

When a big QB site goes down, there's usually a big farewell celebration in the QB community, along with a salutary "goodbye" message that informs its readers about the reason for the site's departure. But under extreme circumstances, was not given the opportunity for either of these tasks, nor did the reputable QB News site even desire to be offline in the first place.

The incidents leading to the sudden halt of began last week when ArmageddonGames, the host that provides services to both Future Software and, announced that their hosting service was going out of business. E-mails were sent to both Future Software webmaster Jorden Chamid and QBasic/QuickBasic News webmaster Magus, and after much negotiating between the three parties, both Future Software and were given one more week of online time before both Future Software and would shut down.

During this time, Future Software made a down payment on a new site service, and successfully transferred to, however, was not as fortunate. Though offers a competitively-priced hosting service that can be covered by the advertising banners in Future Software's site, can not afford such financial costs to maintain what is essentially a non-profit news site. And with hit frequencies ranging from 500 to as many as 1000 hits per day, is a major generator of traffic that requires a good site service to maintain.

The search for a new host began for shortly thereafter, beginning with a message posted on their site:

"Yesterday I received a note from my web host saying that he will no longer be offering hosting so all the sites he is hosting (this one and will be offline in a week. So if anybody can offer me hosting please email us right away."

A week passed in this manner, and unfortunately Magus could not find a host suitable for Just a few days before was forced to close, Magus released a message on the Future Software Discussion Boards, informing the QB community that "Until we get our host settled, theres nothing I can do."

The forced departure of comes as a slightly damaging blow to the QB community. In recent months earned the solid reputation of being one of the fastest QB news sites on the Internet. At one point, QBasicNews even updated on a daily basis (an extremely rare occasion considering that a QB site that updates frequently is defined as a site that only needs to update as often as once a week).

But offers other notable services as well. QBasicNews featured an active discussion board, and its own chatroom. Other notable features include's own Top 100 QB Sites list, as well as it's acquisition of the Creme de la Creme awards, a special site award originally hosted by Future Software and passed on to Magus when Future Software decided to concentrate more on being a QB download site.

Many QB sites are going to have to pick up the slack for while it is gone. Future Software and Abyssware Studios are the only remaining prominent QB News sites on the Internet that match closely to the news format used by, where frequent updating of the news is favored over in-depth articles. Meanwhile, publications like QB Cult Magazine as well as the new QB Chronicles have to continue delivering their coverage of programming routines for the next wave of QB programmers. Even sites like V Planet, which bear little similarity to, need to step up their effort. There's no telling how long it will be before is reborn. But in the meantime there is no one QB site on the Internet that can do everything that did. We all have to work together to compensate, because there are some pretty big shoes we have to fill.

If you have any information regarding site hosting that could help Magus, you can contact him through e-mail by clicking here.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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