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Technical Problems in June

(6/24/2000) Dark Elf Productions shuts down, Future Software shuts up, and Dark Legends shuttles off of mynetcentral. All at and more this June's Site Report.

Forced offline for five days, Future Software was hit by one of the bigger June bugs.

With most major QB webmasters enjoying the summer, we first expected to skip the June Site report and simply concentrate on reviewing some games and doing what V Planet does best. But suddenly in mid-June, some big technical problems take place in some of the biggest QB sites presently updating on the Internet. Sites crashed. Shortcuts failed. Even V Planet got in on some of the worst and some of the best of the action. So, after surviving what seemed to be a world of pain for some QB sites, we present the June Site Report.

Dark Elf Productions
The future of Dark Elf Productions ( seems even bleaker now for Webmaster Charles Dubery, who has disappeared for the second time after the site returned for a short period of time last April. This second disappearance arrived shortly after the revival of two key subsidiaries, Neozones Productions and the QB: Tm Archives. Both Neozones Productions and QB:Tm are currently located at In the meantime, is still missing.

Future Software
Due to tensions between Future Software's old server, all of has moved to a new location. Thankfully, Future Software retains its address, but because of the massive move Webmaster Jorden Chamid explained that Future Software needed to be "offline" for five days to help enable Future Software's Perl-operated features. This includes Future Software's discussion board, Top 5 list, and it's ever-famous Q-Finder search engine. The off-line repairs come especially as a blow to QBasic Central and V Planet, both of which have recently celebrated some success in making the Future Software Top 5.

Programming Oasis
Where Future Software experiences problems, their close friend the Programming Oasis can't be far behind. Due to problems with, who provides the scripting services for the Programming Oasis (which allows all of QB Webmaster Nightwolf's written scripts to work), the site has reportedly shut down until the problems are repaired. If the problems are not fixed by the middle of July, then Nightwolf states that the Programming Oasis will move to a new location.

QB Top 50
After disappearing for two weeks, the QB Top 50 has moved from to a new location at The move became necessary after removed the QB Top 50. Thankfully, it looks like the QB Top 50 has a place to stay in since the toplist's new providers happen to be serious programming fans. If you've been part of the QB Top 50 and you haven't modified your link, go to the QB Top 50 for more details.

Dark Legends Software, the provider for Dark Legends Software, recently closed all of its services. This forced Dark Legends to temporarily close before moving back to its home location at Webmaster AlienQB then immediately warned everyone of the recent problems taking place in QB sites on the Internet, warning that technical problems may cause "QB Sites to bite the dust".

Master Creating
Just so we don't end this Site Report with a sour note, I'm happy to say that some QB sites are actually on the way up since last month. One such example is Master Creating, who has recently acquired a partnership with Gabsoft. The coding group Gabsoft is credited with establishing Gabasic, a Basic compiler that is able to handle files much larger than a standard QB compiler. This partnership also strengthens Gabsoft since Master Creating has its own technical merits with their QB utility, ipxlib.

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