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NeoBasic Introduces New Award

(6/24/2000) As June comes to a close NeoBasic introduces a new monthly award for QB sites. Guess who was the first recipient! =)

This is the first award V Planet ever received from one of the five members of the "big four". 

If you're a newcomer to QB, one question you might ask someone who's been around the QB community a question as to why NeoBasic's URL is And if you're lucky, you will find a delerious person who will tell you a story much like the one I'm about to tell you.

Once upon a time, when there weren't new QB programming sites sprouting like leaves and SVGA graphics in QB games were still unheard of, there were four big QB sites on the Internet: Future Software, Pete's QBasic Site, Neozones Productions, and For a while these four sites were the say-all, be-all of the QB community. It was a great harmony: Future Software provided a forum for people to communicate, Pete's QBasic Site was a place where people could review each other's thoughts about games and tools, Neozones Productions provided technical help for programmers, and was the QB captial of the world.

But one day, coughed up a lung and stopped updating. And what a horrible day it was for QB on the Internet! The balance of these four big sites was offset, and there was suddenly a need for the kind of service that provided.

Enter Simply QB, a QB site dedicated to talking about QB just the way it is. This new site replaced in terms of the big four, and harmony was restored. But as the months went by the responsibilities originally held by increased, Simply QB needed an extra pair of hands to hold up the balance.

So came received much heat from the QB community because the name sounded all to similar to one of the original big four. The name scarred's reputation, yet the site itself offered a lot of news and information that the community could have cherished. A name change was needed; better yet, a partnership was necessary.

In what was a momentous merge, Simply QB and merged in February to form the site NeoBasic. This new powerful site combined two site archives, immediatley creating what was once the largest QB file archives on the Internet.

The merger to create NeoBasic appeared to be the apex of the history of the big four. Since then Pete's QBasic Site and Neozones Productions have slowed down the number of updates they perform per month. At one point, Pete's QBasic Site was even at the brink of shutting down. NeoBasic too suffered during these times.

Now in a rebuilding stage, NeoBasic is currently realizing a new dream unheard of in QB before: a QB file archive that is self-automated! It took much sacrifice, but when the system was finally finished, NeoBasic's hands are finally free to start restoring the beaten path of the QB sites from long ago. NeoBasic today is still one of the most visited QB sites on the Internet. And with the file archive being self-automated, the administrators and people at NeoBasic can devote 100% of their energies to entertaining the QB community again.

As a symbol of this accomplishment, NeoBasic started its first award since the merger of and Simply QB, called the NeoBasic Site of the Month award. This new monthly award restores what was once one of Simply QB's traditions. This also allows NeoBasic to recognize some great QB sites from throughout the Internet. So it comes as a great honor for us when V Planet receives the first NeoBasic Site of the Month award. This award is especially great when you realize the history behind the people who have given the award.

Thanks for the award, NeoBasic! The NeoBasic Site of the Month award will be proudly displayed at the V Planet Awards page. In the meantime, one of the perks of being a NeoBasic Site of the Month is getting a site review at NeoBasic. It will be strange to see how it's like to be "under the gun", since we're usually the ones doing the reviewing. Now our site will be receiving the heat. Ain't poetic justice sweet?

Check out more about the NeoBasic Site of the Month award, along with some of NeoBasic's features, at

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