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QB Expo Coverage, Part #2

(8/14/2000) One question on everyone's mind: So just how cotton-pickin' far is development into the 2000 QB Expo now?

Work is a juggling act between V Planet, the QB Expo, and making QB games for the Expo.

Right after this update from V Planet, work will be done to release the final developer's cut of the 2000 QB Expo. The good news about our progress so far is that eleven of the twelve rooms expected to be part of the QB Expo have already been completed. The bad news is that the final room, which will be explained here, will be the most difficult room for V Planet to finish.

The V Planet Hall is one of the first rooms you'll see in the QB Expo. It is a special room because this is the area of the QB Expo where you will see all the projects that will be released from V Games during the 2000-2001 year. Among these titles include the updated beta of Raven: The Yoyo Commando, as well as the much anticipated first sports title from V Games, Bald Man Boxing.

What makes V Planet Hall difficult to finish is that we have the added pressure of the entire QB Expo waning on our shoulders. There are still some links that need to be corrected and some polishing that has to be done. So in one sense, V Games, the coding group supported by V Planet, has to be altruistic and become the absolute last priority while everything in the QB Expo is being fixed up. But at the same token, V Planet Hall has to be nicely done. Working on the Expo has been a truly Herculean experience, and for that V Games has to have a strong showing at the event.

With the expected date for the 2000 QB Expo Developer's cut expected to be today, will developers be impressed by the improvements made according to their suggestions? Will the folks at V Planet ever get enough sleep? FInd out this and more in the upcoming article, "QB Expo Coverage, Part #3".

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