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QB Expo Coverage, Part #1

(8/6/2000) It may be "for developers only" now, but we ain't evil. We'll give you some inside information about how the QB Expo will be laid out.

You too will be happy once you see the QB Expo.

While about 50% of the QB Expo floor is done, there still needs to be a quite of bit of work done before the QB Expo reaches the 75%-80% mark needed to make it presentable to the public. Thanks to input from Sponsors and developers, the process will not require triple-checking each individual booth before and after uploading, but it's clear now that some work still needs to be done.

If you aren't one of the developers or sponsors for the QB Expo, then you must a member of the angry masses who want to see at least a piece of the Expo (if not the whole thing). So to give you some sort of incentive not to drown our coffee with Pixie Sticks, we're going to give you a clue as to how the QB Expo is being laid out.

The current design of the 2000 QB Expo will consist of 12 different "rooms". Visitors to the Expo will navigate through the different rooms by pushing on the arrow icons that are located on the showroom floor. If you hold the mouse over the arrow icon, you will be able to find out where clicking on the arrow icon will take you. The result is the "feel" of walking through the Expo as you travel through the Expo's various rooms.

Most of the rooms in the QB Expo will have booths, which you click on to preview the games featured in the QB Expo. Depending on the room that you're in, you will find a number of games that fit your interest, all waiting to be viewed in their full and wonderful glory!

So that's your quick lesson on arrows and booths. By the way, the picture you see above is the look of a typical QB Expo room. In fact, that's the actual Puzzle World that will be featured in the Expo... now hold tight while we try to get the rest of this event done for everyone!

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