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Pickers Makes Big Plans After 10,000 Hit Mark

(5/2/2001) After staying pretty quiet for three months, QB site Pickers Games looks to expand it's website with some job openings and other features to come.

Click on the link to go to the Pickers Games site.

While Neozones Productions, Pete's QB Site, Master Creating, Future Software,, QB Cult Magazine, and many other prominent QB sites have all had their apocolyptic stages (a stage in which the site is on the brink of closing down entirely, sometimes doing so for some time before returning and becoming better than ever), out of every QB affiliate it seemed that Pickers Games would be the most likely candidate to be the next big QB site to close down.

After all, Pickers has every excuse to close down shop when it was launched. The site was met with lackluster site reviews from QB Webmasters, complaining about everything from the color scheme to a certain "tackiness" to the overall site. Even the QB Pathfinder, the main place for the QB community to rate QB sites on a 1 to 10 scale, kept Pickers Games on the 20-30 point range for a long time (since 100 is the highest possible score, 20-30 is marginally low).

But instead of disappearing as if disheartened, Pickers Games took all the comments and turned the insults into constructive criticism, slowly taking the time to improve upon it's site design. A long and gradual process, stretched across many months, involved the tedious process of changing the navigation around the entire PIckers Games site, in an effort to improve it's speed and make it's layout more appealing. The graphic-intensive yellow sidebar to the left had been taken down and was replaced with a more efficient top navigation bar, and the color schemes were changed to make the site much easier to read. In addition, new sections were added to site as it progressed, including a Quiz section, a Newsletter section, and even a young Game Review section, in which eight one-paragraph game reviews are tailored.

Thanks to Pickers Game webmaster Pickers, the once young and ridiculed Pickers Game Website of the past had turned into something that is very hard to laugh at. With it's own game projects (the most popular being the Pac-Man clone PIckman), a web-board, a Guestbook, and many other aspirations, the Pickers Games only gets better with each passing day. In fact, the most telling statistic about this is the fact that Pickers has reached the 10,000 hit mark. This milestone is a rare feat that pretty much seals Picker's place as the one of the major QB sites on the Internet.

With a larger responsibility at hand, Pickers Games is currently looking to expand it's staff. Positions for the QB website include 3 QB programmers, a Links Manager, a Reporter, and two review managers for their site. You can read the details on how to get into Pickers Games by going to

Article Written by Vance Velez, Editor

Visit Pickers Games at!

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