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PHAT Kids Seek Revolution

(6/3/2000) The PHAT Kids join the QB Expo with their most anticipated RPG, Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: The Dawn of a Revolution.

The complete QB version of Kids of Karendow picks up where Elmo and Stain leave off. 

Just what is it that makes this flatulent RPG such a classic? With a twenty-eight point rating and two QB Gaming Gold awards for Best Music and Best Story, Kids of Karendow is truly one of the few games that both V Planet and the QB community have accepted as a great game. And no matter what other site you visit, whether it's Future Software or Pete's QBasic Site, Kids of Karendow continues to get hit high marks. It just seems to be the game that refuses to make anyone upset.

Now PHAT Kids Enterprises is proud to announce that they're the latest company to sign up for the QB Expo. And the greatest news of all is that the final version of their hit game Kids of Karendow dutifully titled Kids of Karendow Chapter 1: The Dawn of a Revolution will be the project shown during the summer event.

PHAT Kids Enterprises has already reported that Kids of Karendow will include more of the same stuff that made it such a QB classic, especially the mini-games that take place in the middle of the action a la Super Mario RPG. In addition to that though, expect what the people at PHAT Kids call "weather effects". Such effects could be speculated to be similar to the rain effects from Shadow of Power or the sky palettes in Ribbonsoft's The Void. In either case, we'll find out all the details as well as what Phat Kids cooked up on the day of the Expo!

Visit PHAT Kids Enterprises, home of the RPG Kids of Karendow, at

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