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Diamond Titan Joins V Planet

(1/10/2001) The V Planet crew gets a little larger as Diamond Titan of StattoNet signs up for a second job as our new QB Links Manager!

While most notable for being a game review site, V Planet! does keep an active QB Links page, which currently houses over 150 QB links sorted alphabetically. The page is updated every month or so, with random checks to make sure that bad links are found and redirected or removed. But continous maintenance of the QB Links page is difficult to do since everybody in V Planet constantly has his or her hands full.

Enter our newest addition to the V Planet! staff, Diamond Titan. Originating from the StattoNetwork, our newest QB affiliate, Diamond Titan expressed interest in the job position on V Planet! as the new QB Links Manager. It is the job of the QB Links Manager to find new QB sites on the Internet, as well as making sure that the current links listed are still active.

It's hard to think of a better choice than having Diamond Titan as the new QB Links Manager for V Planet. StattoNetwork, besides being a QB magazine, is also a place for QB site reviews. StattoNetwork has already reviewed over 20 websites since it debuted, including V Planet! and 2000 Statto Site of the Year QuickBasic News.

Negotiations are currently underway regarding changes that may take place in the QB Links page during the coming months. Ideas expressed include transferring all the QB Links to a CGI bin, thus making it easier to organize and maintain. Another idea from Diamond Titan is having V Planet! handle site reviews, which is being met with some resistance from V Planet! Editor Vance Velez. Fortunately, a compromise is expected to work itself out and a new, improved QB Links page is expected in the future under Diamond Titan's watch.

Article written by QBShire

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