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Updated November 20, 2004

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Hamsters Cry Foul On Re-Review Policy
(9/23/2001) With some input from Hamster Republic, we're changing our Re-review policy so that we don't stockpile older versions of a game.

Never, ever get Hamster Republic angry. You'll regret it.

One of the policies that has always been in the air at V Planet is the invisible "re-review" policy. This is to say, when V Planet receives a new version of a game that has already been reviewed in the past, V Planet will generally put that game in the bottom of the "games to review" list in order to give the newer games more times to be exposed. This re-review policy hasn't been met with disgust from QB programmers, especially those who find a last-second glitch in the game that needs a quick patch.

Usually V Planet eventually re-writes reviews for games that need to be re-reviewed. But, sometimes, as indicated by this letter from Hamster Republic, a re-review policy that punishes games that were reviewed earlier than others can cause serious problems:

"On [V Planet] Is the July 1998 version of Wandering Hamster. On [The Hamster Republic Website] is the June 2001 version of Wandering Hamster. The copy of Wandering Hamster linked to from your review of the game is three years old. Could you please either update the file, or remove the link?"

This points out a major fault in the re-review policy at V Planet re-review policy. Under the policy we've used in the past, an older title will not be re-reviewed until all the new games have been reviewed. And when it comes to reviewed games, Wandering Hamster is among the first games we've ever reviewed for V Planet. So in a system like this, Wandering Hamster would have to wait quite a while to get it's turn; in fact, under the old re-review policy Wandering Hamster may never be re-reviewed.

To appease Hamster Republic and other programming groups who are in a similar situation (and there are quite a few programming groups out there with this same problem), V Planet has come with a new, printed version of our site's Fool-proof Resubmission policy. This new policy, also added to our Submissions Page, reads as follows:

"Let's face it; inside the heart of every game programmer is a perfectionist, in search of the perfect gaming experience. Sometimes, new innovations arrive long after the original game is released, and these new additions create a new version of a game that programmers want the entire world to enjoy.

"Effective October 6, 2001, V Planet is offering a special Game Update policy for QB programmers interested in submitting new versions of games that have already been reviewed by V Planet. From now on, such submissions will be uploaded to V Planet during the following update, with the following line added to the game's download information:

"The following review is for an older version of this game.

"Once V Planet is able to re-review the submitted product, this comment will be deleted.

"Note: Programmers who have submitted a newer version of their game for re-review at V Planet before October 6, 2001 should resend their game for resubmission to take advantage of this new policy."

Wandering Hamster is among the first games to take advantage of the new Game Update Policy. The latest version of Hamster Republic's Super Mario RPG style game weighs in at a hefty 979 KB. And with it's 28-point rating still pending, this top-notch RPG is still worth a download.

Article written by QBShire

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