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Updated November 20, 2004

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(10/7/2002) The shocking true tale of one of the most ambitious QB projects ever made in the history  of QBasic.

Behind the gaming

  It started out as an idea. In 1999, a dreamer named Pasco decided to take his hand at making the most powerful 3D engine to be seen in qbasic, without any knowledge or money. Since then, Subshock has taken the world by storm, on a roller coaster ride of programming success, devastating failures, incriminating scandals. A group of QB programmers known as the Subshock team have seen their rise to fame and fall from glory. This is their story.
"I dont think any of us could have known that the project was going to fail. We all poured our heart and soul into it" 
"I think everyone knew from the start it was going to bomb sooner or later, it was only a matter of *when* Cheers, Leroy." 

Humble Begginnings

  Pasco was born in 1981 in Australia. Raised in a strict Catholic family, Pasco attended a religious boarding school to train to become a priest. His father, suffering from alcoholism and bouts of violence, neglected Pasco, leaving the mother to raise the family. It was only years later that Pasco would reveal to the world his troubled roots.

quote, pascal: 
"My father, he'd always be screaming at me about my 'fool' hobby, and how i should at least be using a qlb. The memories are terrifying. So terrifying, i dont even *remember* them. They're repressed you see."

Pope John Paul II, himself a QB gamer, inspects an early graphical demo by Pasco at the boarding school. QB was later named God's chosen programming language

  It was at boarding school where the shy Pasco would meet Leroy, a hip young C/QB programmer from britain with a taste for success and an sweet tooth for fame. Upon learning of Pasco's dream, he first rejected the idea. That is, until Pasco designed a blazing fast raytracing demo. Amazed, Leroy and Pasco teamed up with an aspiring 3D artist named Clarence and Subshock was born. But even then, the seeds of improbability and scandal had been laid.
"I always had the suspicion I was only there so there'd be a black guy in the team. And like in a bad horror movie, I knew I was going to get screwed first"

The Rocky Road to Success

  Despite its ability, the raytracer wasnt enough. Flaunted on to messageboards, QBers around the globe were mildly impressed but overall not phased. The team released demo after demo showing individual models, animation & textures. It couldn't make it. Something had to tie them together. But it was in this period of stagnant growth the band faced it's most challenging times. Steadfast and determined, they survived off these meager demos until a man named Tek came along. 

  A childhood friend of Pasco's, Tek quickly used his relationship to climb the ranks of the team, from Clarence's coffee fetcher to lead manager. With his insatiable eagerness and keen business sense, he took the gang from a small time hobby to the most ambitious QB project the world had ever known. But with it, came the stained darkness of betrayal. Deciding Clarence was holding them back, the group had no choice but to leave him behind.
"Canning Clarence was the hardest decision I ever made. No, wait. It was the easiest decision I ever made. Nobody liked that guy."
"I got hosed. They stole my textures and models and left me on the streets. Next thing I knew I found myself scavenging seedy hotels for half-empty needles on OD'd hookers. I'd lost everything." 

  With the loss of Clarence, the team needed a fresh start with a professional artist who could do the job. Using his manipulative skills, Quasir quickly enrolled the talents of Shea and Liquidex. Now reborn, the subshock project rose to new heights with the release of a few small screenshots that would change the world forever. But even then the team harbored negative feelings towards each other. Dont miss part two of Sex, Drugs & Qbasic: The Subshock Story.

The last known photo of Shea and Liquidex 

Next, in part two:
"Tek just wasn't the funny kid who ate glue in kindergarten anymore. Success changed him. But not towards the better, which is pretty hard to do." 
"The first time they passed it around, i thought 'I can't get hooked, I'm responsible'. But that moment would sent me down the pitfalls of addiction and abuse. Cheers, Leroy."

Article written by Toonski, Graphics Designer, Village Idiot

Not all portions of this mockumentary are realistically. Actually, nothing in here is real. Well, except that photo of Tek. That's 100% bona fide.

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