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Is Time Running Out for

(2/20/2000) Is time running out for We'll tell you what we've heard from our affiliates, what we know for ourselves, and what we can do to help get Dark Elf Productions go back online.

Besides the fact that all three of these sites have been down for about two weeks, what do Neozones Productions, QB: The Magazine, and Razor Diskmag all have in common? Well, all three of these sites run under Dark Elf Production's major QB server, You can check out the link to see if you can reach Dark Elf Productions now, but if you can't access the page yet then that means Chuck, owner of Dark Elf Productions, has not placed back online yet.

Unfortunately, how Chuck got into this whole mess is kinda complicated. A while back Chuck moved Dark Elf Productions to a new server. Unfortunately, that particular server broke down. As a result, Dark Elf Productions and all its loyal subsidiaries simultaneously went offline. The result? A major headache in part of many QB companies.

According to Pete's Discussion Board, the new server used by Dark Elf Productions is owned by Spacehog. Apparently, Spacehog has disappeared and Chuck is now searching for a way to put back online. But it won't be as simple as going back to the original server. The process will take some money. So Chuck asked Marcade for money to appropriate to a new server for Chuck hopes that the management will remain the same, and that for all practical purposes Chuck will maintain ownership to and Dark Elf Productions with this partnership. But this too, has become unsuccessful, as Marcade has reported that he is running low on cash and, at the least, it will be difficult to collect enough money to get back online.

So that's the scenario. What should we do to help remedy the pain for Dark Elf Productions and help them get online? While we all don't have $250 to shell for a new server for, there are some actions we can take to help Chuck and his subsidiaries out:

Step One: Keep Up the Banners and Buttons
If you have any links to, any of it's subsidiaries (Neozones Productions, Razor Diskmag, etc.), or any services provided by Dark Elf Productions (like the Dark Elf Productions Top 100), keep these banners and buttons posted on your site or backup a version of your site with these banners and buttons to your disk. That way, when goes back online, links to will also be ready as soon as possible.

Step Two: Don't Make Such A Fuss
While it would be neat to update your site with a big "Get well, Chuck!" card, the effects of such things could actually be detrimental to a QB webmaster because of it's smothering effect. Let's face it, is experiencing a money problem. When down on money, QB proggers in trouble need some gentle escape from their troubles by going to other QB sites and relieving their stress. Too many "Get Well" banners may only further exploit the fact that is down and bring about frustration instead of joy.

Step Three: Watch For Any Major Announcements
Keep posted by reading up your favorite QB magazines and news sources. Chances are, if Chuck has anything major to say about the future of, it will be plastered violently on top of every single QB publication. We know V Planet! will be doing a major update if in fact this occurs.

Step Four: Don't Lose Yourself in the Zone
One of the biggest leaks regarding one of's key subsidiaries is that Neozones Productions, holder of the Qlympics, moved to a new site location away from to prevent further delay with their present projects. While this comes as an understandable blow to, there are still many other sites that are appropriated to If you like any of those sites or you're keeping track of a project being held by one of's subsidiaries, make sure you don't forget them.

Step Five: Give Chuck Some Support
Believe it or not, this is probably the most important step. Nothing alleviates the pain of a lost QB webmaster than showing your concern. While Chuck's e-mail is down while is offline, it is still possible to reach Chuck through the many discussion boards offered by V Planet! and it's affiliates. Remember that Chuck is a QB guy like the rest of us and he'd really appreciate some written support during's reconstruction.

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