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A Look Into The Generation

(1/17/2001) Last year's winner was the gigantic QBRPG Wrath of Sona. Now we take a look at the cutting-edge titles that make up this year's nominees for the QB Generations Award.

Out of all the awards that will be handed out to QB game developers during this year's 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, the most confusing award is probably the "QB Gaming Gold Generations" award. What is a Gaming Gold Generations award? Is it something to be proud of or is this just an award you stick in the bottom of the shelf?

Actually, the QB Gaming Gold Generations award is probably the second most significant award given out in the QB Gaming Golds, trumped only by the Game of the Year award. The QB Gaming Gold Generations award is the only award given out in the ceremonies to an incomplete QB game (usually a QB demo). The Generations award symbolizes that the QB demo, though incomplete, is such a cutting-edge, entertaining game experience that is an inspiration for QB gamers and programmers of all generations.

Wrath of Sona, the first QB Gaming Gold Award winner

Let's take a look at last year's winner, Lost socK Software's Wrath of Sona. In terms of hours needed, Wrath of Sona is probably the second largest QBRPG ever made, second only to the recently completed Kids of Karendow: Chapter 1 Dawn of a Revolution. The game world is so huge, in fact, that the 18 hours of play the game offered only seemed to be an indication of things to come. Sadly, this unfinished game may never be finished since Lost socK closed it's doors a while back. But thanks to an award like the Generations award, a game like Wrath of Sona can be honored for being the unfinished but nevertheless inspiring game that it is. The handing of this award to Lost socK truly helped to symbolize the year 2000 as the year of the QBRPG.

But now is a whole new year. What will the winner of the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Generations Award symbolize this year? One way to find out is by looking at the nominees this year and dissecting what they're about. There are even links here that will allow you to download these game demos and find out what they're about. Of course, the final decision will be up to you a week from now when you have to vote on the Gaming Gold Awards Ballot. But in the meantime, grab these downloads so you can make the intelligent decision:

Gaming Gold Nominee #1: The ARC Network (Abstract Productions)
Download at: Abstract Productions

Making a complete RPG has to be one of the most daunting tasks for a QB Programming group. That's why it's remarkable that Abstract Productions intends to make an entire QBRPG trilogy! With their first game The ARC Legacy complete, the second chapter in their QBRPG trilogy is underway with The ARC Network. The graphics, which now use the full VGA palette unlike Legacy's 16-color offering, is sure to excite fans of the ARC series. 

Gaming Gold Nominee #2: ProjectRPG (Bluefire Productions)
Download at: V Planet

Originally scheduled for the 2000 QB Expo, we at V Planet are incredibly sorry to the folks at Bluefire Productions for failing to complete their ProjectRPG page! Nevertheless, Zephod's vision of an RPG maker for QBasic has made it as a nominee for the QB Gaming Gold awards. Using DirectQB, ProjectRPG is planned to be the ultimate QBRPG making tool. This utility will be so versatile that it can be used by developers who may have little or no QBasic experience! You can download the demo of ProjectRPG (originally intended for the Expo) by clicking on the link above.

Gaming Gold Nominee #3: Untitled (Tsugumo and FrozenEmu)
Download at: 2000 QB Expo Untitled Page

Speaking of the QB Expo, many QB journalists say that this RPG demo from Tsugumo and FrozenEmu is the show-stealer of the QB event. After taking a visit to the programming world of Allegro, Tsugumo makes a contribution to QuickBasic with this surprise gem of what looks like a future, revolutionary RPG in QBasic. It's one of the first turn-based RPGs in QB to use combination attacks, and the game also uses many special effects never seen in such combination or magnitude in a QB game before.

Gaming Gold Nominee #4: Kaboom! (Dieter Marfurt)
Download at: V Planet

When Dieter Marfurt submitted this game demo to V Planet by discussion board, we were not expecting to see the makings of a potential Wolfenstein-3D in QB! The Kaboom! engine allows for 3D rooms, with weapons and badguys abound. As a 3D FPS experience, Kaboom! is certainly among the first for QB.

Gaming Gold Nominee #5: Project: Zeta (Aethersoft)
Download at: Aethersoft

Searching for the next level of spaceshooting for QB arcade games, Aethersoft ventures into the luxorious world of SVGA graphics! With 2D sprites drawn from 3D rendered models and network play, Project: Zeta hopes to usher in a new generation of shooters for QB.

Gaming Gold Nominee #6: Ghini Run Expo Demo (Piptol Productions)
Download at: Piptol Productions

Yet another leap in QB is Piptol Production's revolutionary Outrunners-style racer in QB. By combining two graphics libraries, this demo first seen at the 2000 QB Expo added racing fans to the growing number of people in the QB community. When it comes to the speed of this QB racer, you have to see it in action to believe it.

So there you have this year's nominees. Please download these demos or give them a second look; the Gaming Gold Generations award is very prestigious and a week from now (when the ballot is open) the winner will be up to you!

Written by QBShire

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