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QB Gaming Gold FAQ

(12/22/99) Here's everything you need to know about the QB Gaming Gold Awards, and how you can get the titles in your favor.

New Information

Question: What is the deadline for voting in the QB Gaming Golds?

Answer: The voting for the QB Gaming Golds will end exactly at January 26, 2000. Winners will be announced on January 31, 2000. This extended deadline is intended to give ample time for the newer nominees to catch up.

Question: Where will the winners be announced?

Answer: The winners of the QB Gaming Gold Awards will be posted on Vance's Geocities site. But that won't be until January 31.

Question: What do the winners get?

Answer: The winners of the QB Gaming Gold Awards will win a huge picture award that displays the term "2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards", the title of the award won by the victor, and the percentage vote obtained by the victor. In addition, the award won will be put permanently on display in our Reviews Section. It's especially sweet because the award comes straight from you, the QB gamers.

Archived Information

Question: Hey! That game wasn't made this year! Why the heck is it nominated for the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards?

Answer: To qualify for the 2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards, you simply have to be a game made before the year 2000. This assures that any game we "miss" that is worthy of being nominated can be saved for the following year.

Question: Then how do I get a game nominated so I can vote for it?

Answer: E-mail the V Planet crew (that's me, QBShire, and the rest of the gang) at with the following info:

1. Name of the Game
2. Name of its creator
3. URL/E-mail for that creator

Simple enough, eh?

Question: That game isn't made in QB! Why is it nominated?

Answer: There is absolutely no way we're going to harass every developer who doesn't provide source code for their games to see if the game is made in 100% QB, QB with libraries, other languages, whatever. Every title nominated has been so by mail we've received from many readers. Besides, if a game isn't made in QB, it probably won't be voted by anyone from the QB community. Therefore, it won't win any awards.

Question: What does the "Generations/Legend" award mean?

Answer: The Generations Award is for a QB demo or on-going project that has been the most inspiration to QB gamers. The Legend award goes to the person who has given a great contribution to the QB comunity.

Question: How often can I vote?

Answer: Once per day. No cheaters, please.

Question: What if I cheat anyway?

Answer: Even if you do cheat, every ballot is placed in a database. So if you vote multiple times for your favorite game it's probably going to stick out like a sore thumb. Also, we perform rigorous statistical tests to the test the likelihood of a nominee receiving so many votes, so if the significance tests fail we know that someone is cheating, and we'll investigate.

Question: What if YOU guys at V Planet cheat?

Answer: The Gaming Gold Awards is based on you, the QB Gamers, not us pompous and foolhardy editors. We here at V Planet are not even allowed to vote. Employees who do not follow this rule are tossed into Greyor's black dragon pit, never to be seen again. :)

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