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Updated November 20, 2004

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QB Games Showcase at the RPGDX
(7/20/2002) What would a mini-RPG contest be without some QB roleplaying games? We give you an invitation to see the highlights of Mandrake's big RPG making competition.

Sharky's Adventure by Lithium was one of two QB game entries to the RPGDX mini-RPG competition.

Known as the center of indie-RPG gaming, the RPGDX is an epicenter for growing RPG programmers of any programming language, making it the perfect place to hold a mini-RPG making competiton.

Organized by Mandrake, the event took place during June 8-10. Unlike a normal programmer's setting, participants were given only forty-eight hours of coding time to start and finish as much of a QBRPG as possible. Such a task is the equivalent of an IronMan event for programmers, making the process ardous and painstaking, and the final products submitted to the event that much more satisfying to play. Every entry posted by the event's deadline poured out with the heart and soul of the participants involved.

Mattress Warrior, already reviewed by V Planet, also made it in time for RPGDX.

By the end of the grueling match, only eight programming teams were able to turn in an entry for the RPGDX mini-RPG competition. Of those eight, only four of those programming teams were able to put their mini-RPG in a stage where it can be considered complete. And among the eight participants, two programmers chose QBasic as the language they would use for this competition.

The following is a quick run-down of all the participants to the RPGDX mini-game competition, including those projects not made in QB. To download these games, you can visit the official website for the RPGDX at

Ashes by white_door
Programming Language Used: DJGPP (Plus Allegro)
Status: Complete
Ashes is actually a mini-RPG built upon another Allegro-based game engine, for the upcoming RPG Anthem of Dread. Sadly, we couldn't get this game to run or find a screenshot of Ashes in the RPGDX website, but Allegro programmers in particular should have all the files needed to get this RPG started.

Children of the Night by X-G
Programming Language Used: Unknown
Status: Incomplete
Touted as a technical demo due to time constraints, Children of the Night is more of a technical demo than anything else, giving you some map-viewing abilities, along with a mini-quest.

Mattress Warrior by DarkDread
Programming Language Used: QBasic
Status: Complete
This time, Darkness Ethereal chose QBasic for the 48-hour RPGDX contest, and they manage to make a fairly long game that stars a hero who hasn't been in his own RPG before. Known as a mini-installment to the popular Secret of Cooey series, Mattress gets his own adventure, in search of treasure.

Nowhere by Xmark (Abstract Productions)
Programming Language Used: C/C++ (Plus Allegro)
Status: Incomplete
Fans of the The ARC Trilogy will feel right at home with XMark's offering for the RPGDX, where the ARC battle engine is combined nicely with a Western theme, providing a different flavor for indieRPGs than the standard medevil-type game.

Saurkraut by Moonlight Productions
Programming Language Used: C/C++ (Plus Allegro)
Status: Complete
Featuring a sci-fi plot comparable to Out of this World and FlashBack, Saurkraut takes gamers on a journey from the eyes of an anti-human inhabitant of Earth, trying to find a way out of imprisonment.

Sharky's Adventure by Lithium
Programming Language Used: QBasic
Status: Incomplete
Noted for his contributions to QB, Windows, and Game Boy Advance development, Lithium entered this incomplete but workable demo for the RPGDX. In this demo Sharky does battle, cast spells, and does everything typical of an RPG character.

The Ghost of Haunted Grove by Rainer Deyke
Programming Language Used: Python/PyGame
Status: Complete
V Planet's favorite among the competition entries has to be The Ghost of Haunted Grove, mainly because it's a completed game entry coded in Python. The game features a menu-driven battle engine and the usual top-down view seen in RPGs.

Underground Alice by Mandrake
Programming Language Used: DJGPP (with Allegro)
Status: Incomplete
Last but not least, no contest would be complete without an entry from the man who put the event together. Ironically, we weren't able to get a screenshot of Underground Alice either. But from the RPGDX site, we pieced together that Underground Alice is a story about a girl who searches for her lost mother through a sewer.

Article written by Vance Velez, Editor

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