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QB Expo Coverage, Part #6

(10/1/2000) Zephod, Bulldog, Jeremy Hammond, and V Games will give you five more reasons to go to the 2000 QB Expo.

Zephod's RPGMaker is one of two programming "tools" being added to the QB Expo.

As September comes to a close, there's good news and there's some bad news. The bad news is that the 2000 QB Expo is only going to update two more times before the party is officially over. The good news is that five new projects will be added when the Expo updates for the first time this October. The following is a sneak preview of the projects coming your way: 

Sailor Moon Puzzle Game (V Planet Hall)
First reviewed here at V Planet, Sailor Moon Puzzle Game will be making its way into the QB Expo. The Sailor Moon Puzzle Game Expo booth will includes all sorts of Sailor Moon goodies for fans of the game, as well as some sage game advice and a preview of things to come.

Unnamed RPG (RPG Palace 2)
Jeremy Hammond, who's already made his mark on the QB Expo by hosting the event through and by showing off a preview of the game Curse of Methias, will also be adding two new projects to the QB Expo. The first is a preview of his Unnamed RPG, with a sneak peek into the game's story and some fresh screenshots of the engine in action.

Laser Tag (Strategy Dungeon)
The second offering from Jeremy Hammond is a QB strategy game based on Laser Tag. Your guess is as good as mine on this one but if you want a few screenshots of the game right here and now, you can visit Jeremy Hammond's webpage by clicking here.

RPGMaker (RPG Palace 2)
Zephod will finally make his appearance known in the QB Expo by showing off the first of two QB tools that programmers can use to make QB games! This exciting utility called RPGMaker will finally give everyone a chance to quickly develop an RPG world. And just for kicks, Zephod included a demo of a town built using RPGMaker.

MultiLIB (Main Hall)
Finally, Bulldog has added the second of two QB tools to the QB Expo. Being placed in the Main Hall, MultiLIB is a tool for QB programmers that will allow people to easily manage and combine QB libraries as they program. And with all the available technologies out there, a utility like MultiLIB can be very valuable.

Note that these Expo booths have not been added yet! Also, there are a few other booths and surprises we're going to throw in as well! We're working hard on them now and we'll be sure to tell you when the projects will be launched.

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